Molkki 6 May 2021 Written Update

Prakashi asks Virender what the doc said. Is it accurate to say that she is fine? Prakashi encourages her to head off to some place with Sakshi for a get-away. She will recuperate soon. He takes a gander at her. She says she is correct. It will be a decent change for Sakshi. You will invest energy with one another. We will take care of the children don’t stress. I, Anjali and haathi will do it. Virender asks her what she is saying. Prakashi says it is correct. Assuming you need me to be clear, I would say that I need both of you to go on special first night. Virender is shocked. Wedding trip? Sakshi and I? Do you understand what Bawari? She cuts him mid-sentence. It is useful for Sakshi according to specialist. I’m doing it for her. Individuals for the most part go on special first night once. You are getting another opportunity. You went to a spot close to Goa for special night with Sakshi. I would encourage you to go there

once more. Sakshi will recuperate soon there. I wont hear anything. Advise Sakshi to prepare. I need the old Sakshi back. Virender considers Ma’s opinion. How might I go with Sakshi? What will she feel in the wake of knowing this? They see Purvi there. Virender tells his mom this isn’t right. Allow Sakshi to rest at home. It will be an issue if something occurs in transit. Purvi says nothing will happen to her. Change of spot will help her. Make prepares to go. I will deal with the rest. Prakashi says Purvi has said yes now. Try not to think excessively. I will do the appointments. Advise Sakshi to prepare. She leaves. Purvi grins a little when Virender takes a gander at her. He thinks about what circumstance she has placed him in. He asks Purvi what she is doing. She leaves without a word.


Sakshi inquires as to whether they are going on a second vacation once more. He stays calm. She says it should be your thought as you love giving such astonishments. He shares that it is Ma’s thought. Sakshi is shocked. Prakashi advises Virender not to lie. You couldn’t simply place it in words. I have made every one of the appointments. You simply need to leave now. Children need to go with Sakshi and Virender. Sakshi concurs. We wont abandon you. How about we proceed to pack your stuff. Manas proposes calling haathi. Juhi seconds him. She knows it all. She will pack it pleasantly. Sakshi is shocked.


Children request that Purvi come to Amboli with them. Purvi says Sakshi Ma knows me as a servant. You ought to go there with the family and assist Sakshi Ma with recuperating. Juhi demands that they wont abandon her. Manas adds that they despise without her. Purvi demands them not to say as much. I will accompany you sometime later. They make a tragic face. Sakshi comes to keep an eye on their pressing. Both of you should change now. She picks a couple for Manas yet he says I don’t care for this tone. I will wear what haathi has decided for me. Purvi persuades him to wear it. You are a spiderman yourself so you don’t have to wear a spiderman shirt. Will you wear the one picked by Sakshi ji? Manas gestures. Sakshi grins. Juhi tells haathi she is correct. Sakshi offers to help Manas change. Virender gets some information about a record. She reveals to him the area. You will discover it in your cabinet. Virender says I neglected to check, Bawari. Sakshi is stunned by their trade. Bawari? Juhi says that is the thing that Baba calls haathi. Manas says Bawari haathi and giggles. Virender says this young lady jumbles up everything so I call her that. Sakshi says I don’t discover her Bawari by any means. She realizes what is kept where, be it yours or kids. Purvi says I am a Bawari. I at times lose things seriously. I’m neglectful. Virender leaves. Manas and Juhi go out too. Sakshi takes a gander at Purvi eagerly. So much has changed throughout the long term. I don’t have the foggiest idea what my children like or abhorrence. I have even failed to remember where Mukhiya ji keeps his stuff. This house cleaner has taken care of every one of my obligations. It feels as it this isn’t mine however her family. I should transform it. I should make it my family once more.

Children come to say something essential to Virender. They demand him to let haathi accompany them. What will she manage without us? We realize that you need to accompany us as well. Manas says swear on Kanha ji on the off chance that we are lying. We have a thought with which your concern can be addressed. Juhi inquires as to whether he needs haathi to accompany them. Virender says I need it to occur seriously. What’s the real trick? The children contend concerning who will tell Virender. Virender advises them to advise him together. They advise him (in quiet). Virender embraces his children cheerfully.


Prakashi advises the worker to keep the baggage in the vehicle. Ensure they can sit easily in the vehicle. She shouts to Virender. Purvi sees Virender leaving with the children and cries. Prakashi asks the children where their sack is. Juhi says it is with haathi. They request that Purvi come. She comes out holding their sack. Anjali advises Prakashi to take a gander at Purvi’s swollen face. Purvi advises the children to appreciate. She starts to go when the children request that she accompany them. Prakashi says what will she do there. Go with Ma Baba and appreciate. They won’t leave without haathi. Purvi advises them to comprehend that she can’t accompany them. Manas won’t leave without haathi. Juhi follows his strides. Manas requests that his Ma ask haathi to accompany them. Anjali advises Sakshi not to pay notice to the children. They will pitch fits. Try not to hear them out. Purvi will help us here. Children embraces and solicitation Sakshi to let haathi accompany them. Sakshi yields. How might I agitate both of you? She requests that Purvi accompany them. The children will be cheerful. Purvi says kids say anything. I can’t accompany you. Juhi asks Manas imagine a scenario in which haathi wont accompany them. Manas says we will remain here as well. He gives his commit to Purvi. I will pass on in the event that you wont go. Both Sakshi and Purvi advise him not to say as much. Purvi advises Manas not to say this until the end of time. Her eyes well up. I like the way that both of you love me so much yet I truly can’t accompany you. I haven’t stuffed. You will get late something else. They high-five. We have gathered your sack and kept it in the vehicle as of now. Every other person is shocked. Manas requests that Virender demand haathi. We as a whole attempted so a lot however she isn’t willing to accompany us. Virender advises Purvi to go with them if the children are demanding. You can take care of everybody. Manas says it is done at this point. Juhi gestures. His assertion is last all things considered. They hold Purvi’s hand and take her to the vehicle. Prakashi advises Virender and Sakshi to fare thee well. They leave. Anjali discloses to Prakashi that Purvi wrecked her arrangement once more. I want to show a thing or two to these children! Our arrangement has been demolished! Prakashi exhaust.

Virender arrives at the inn with his family. Sakshi discloses to Virender she is feeling tired subsequent to voyaging. She gives her pack to Purvi to hold. Virender has seen it. Children run off to the poolside. Sakshi goes to mind the children. Virender gives Sakshi’s pack and gear to the assistant. Virender and Sakshi are in their room. Purvi brings the children too. Sakshi advises the assistant to keep 2 sacks in the other room. She advises the children to appreciate with haathi in their room. Virender watches Purvi as she leaves with the children. The two of them take a gander at one another weakly as they remain at their individual entryways. Sakshi requests that Virender take a gander at the view. He remains close to her. Indeed!


The room is completely enlivened when Virender emerges from the washroom. Sakshi has changed too. He asks her how she did this. She says you brightened the room with my number one blossoms last time and I did this for you this time. She inquires as to whether he failed to remember that he gave the nightie to her last time. He gestures. She inquires as to whether he truly recalls that it. How would I look? I’m wearing this following 5 years. He says you look generally excellent. She holds his arm. The spot is so quiet. everything is same. This inn, this room and you! Much obliged to you for bringing me here. We will begin our life anew from this spot indeed. I’m exceptionally cheerful. Virender considers allowing her to accept that he has done this. She will get disturbed something else. Read more….

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