Scene starts with Sakshi discovers matrimonial chain in Virendra’s room and questions him about it. Juhi sees that and discloses to her that it’s Anjali’s marital chain and Anjali would have offered this to Virendra to fix this. Sakshi offers it to Juhi and advises her to pass it to Anjali. Purvi ponders Kids rested or not on the grounds that they never dozes without hearing stories. Virendra reviews what occurred in the marriage mandap and furthermore how he proposed Purvi. He additionally reviews the minutes he imparted to Purvi and takes a gander at Sakshi who is resting adjacent to him. Purvi reviews the minutes she imparted to Virendra.

Virendra asks why God testing him like this and thinks he hung tight 5 years for Sakshi and now she is with him however as opposed to feeling content with her return he is pitiful that Purvi isn’t with him. He thinks prior his life was fragmented without Sakshi yet now his life is deficient without Purvi. He chooses to meet Purvi to converse with her and gets up from the bed without Sakshi’s information and leaves the room.

Virendra thumps Purvi’s room entryway. He inquires as to whether he can go into the room. She says to him that this room and house has a place with him and she likewise has a place with him however stops in the center. Then again, Sakshi awakens and sees that Virendra isn’t in the room and ponders where he abandoned educating her right now.

Virendra says to Purvi that she may feel that he failed to remember her after Sakshi’s return however that is not reality and he don’t realize that why God playing with him like this. He says to her that he quit living before 5 years however she changed his life totally and he needed to begin new existence with her yet now his past returned in his life and he isn’t understanding that what’s going on with him.

He reveals to her that he generally hurted her and he isn’t understanding that what he ought to do however he realizes that he is her guilty party so he is prepared to acknowledge her discipline. She says to him that he didn’t do anything incorrectly and God will show way to them yet right now their need is Sakshi’s wellbeing.

He says to her that he can’t see her in house cleaner’s room. She says to him that she can’t see him like this and asks him that where was Sakshi till now. He educates her about Sakshi’s extreme lethargies. She asks why Sakshi misled Virendra and why she didn’t disclose to Anjali’s fact to him. She advises him to proceed to take rest. He embraces her. Sakshi look through Virendra in the house. Virendra deceives her idiom that he came out to drink water.

Prakashi says to Anjali that Sakshi will toss Purvi out of the house once she becomes acquainted with that Purvi is Virendra’s subsequent spouse. Specialist educates Virendra that Sakshi’s medical issue improving. Children says to Sakshi that Purvi dealt with them till now. Sakshi thinks so much changed however now she needs to deal with her children. Children heads inside.