Sudha says I can’t accept as true with it that Priyu will slump so low to get Veer. Purvi says we should inform Mukhi ji everything. I will must first confront Priyu approximately her actions. Purvi holds Priyu’s hand via way of means of force. Priyu complains that she is in pain. Purvi asks her if she isn’t ashamed of what she has done. Priyu attempts to take the telecellsmartphone however Purvi does now no longer allow her. Purvi indicates the video to her. Aren’t you ashamed of what you did? I am disgusted which you are my sister. I hate myself. I can’t do it or I might have killed you proper here! If you don’t need me to reveal this video to everybody then inform the fact to Mukhi ji proper away. Priyu stops her. I will by no means inform him at any cost. You can try and threaten or scare me however I wont. Purvi says I will inform him in case you wont. Priyu blocks her way. Why are you jealous

of my happiness? What’s your trouble? Purvi says I am now no longer jealous however I wont allow everybody’s lifestyles be spoiled due to your greed. I will inform the fact to absolutely each person in case you wont! Priyu attempts to prevent her however in vain. Priyu makes a decision to confront Anjali as she is positive it should be her doing.
Purvi unearths out that Virender is at Panchayat. She makes a decision to move there with out losing any time. Priyu or Bhabhi will provide you with any other plan otherwise.

Priyu takes Anjali apart to speak to her. She asks Anjali if she is aware of what she has done. Didi has discovered the video. Anjali feigns innocence however Priyu tells her that she is aware of that she recorded her video with Veer whilst she had intoxicated him. Anjali brings her telecellsmartphone however is not able to release it. She realizes that it isn’t her telecellsmartphone. Where is my telecellsmartphone? Priyu says it’s miles with Didi. She goes to show each people. You made this video to lure me however now you may be trapped too. What turned into the want to make it? Anjali insists that she did now no longer make it. Why will I report that video whilst it turned into my plan? Why will I break my personal plan? I dint need to inform you however it turned into Ma who made this video. Don’t recognize how she discovered out approximately our plan. Priyu says you should have informed her however Anjali denies. She stated that you’re like your sister however I confident her it isn’t true. I transferred the video from her telecellsmartphone. There isn’t anyt any video in her telecellsmartphone. She wont be capable of do anything. Priyu asks her why she dint inform her this earlier. My dignity and marriage may be over due to your foolishness! Anjali gives to assist her. We should prevent your sister earlier than she indicates the video to Jeth ji. Neither people may be stored otherwise. Priyu blames her for everything. Anjali assures her that they’ll be fine.

Purvi reaches Panchayat. A man tells her that Virender left for domestic simply now. He stated he’s going to whole the paintings after wedding ceremony and left. Purvi thank you him. She heads domestic.

Purvi notices Chaudhary hugging Aarav at the way. It way that Aarav nonetheless meets his Baba stealthily. Are they collectively or is Aarav in any other trouble? I should communicate to Aarav however I should first communicate to Virender. It could be very critical to shop Veer.

Purvi asks a maid approximately Virender however she doesn’t recognize. Anjali notices her coming domestic. She runs to talk to Virender. I turned into seeking out you downstairs. You should do an critical ritual as you’re the daddy of the groom. He asks her approximately the ritual. She stocks that the groom’s father should carry the dupatta from Devi’s temple and supply it to bride. It could be very auspicious. He asks her how she is aware of approximately it. She lies that pundit ji had informed her. Everyone is aware of approximately this ritual. He asks her once more if its true. She nods. Virender leaves the room by the point Purvi involves her room. She unearths Anjali in her room instead. Priyu closes the door from interior. They each ask for the telecellsmartphone. Purvi hides it in the back of her hand. I should visit Mukhi ji. Anjali and Priyu try and seize the telecellsmartphone from Purvi’s hand. Purvi pushes each of them and pushes them away. Priyu and Anjali try and prevent her once more. A warfare ensues. Priyu manages to take the telecellsmartphone from Purvi. It falls at the ground and breaks. Purvi will become sad. Priyu asks Purvi what she can be able to inform Mukhi ji now. What will you display to him? Your desires broke with this telecellsmartphone. Who will believe you with out evidence now? This wedding ceremony will show up at any cost. She leaves with Anjali.

Purvi cries retaining the telecellsmartphone. Virender comes again simply then. Why are you crying? She tells him to accept as true with her. Priyu is gambling a game. She does now no longer love Veer and neither does he love her. She is marrying him for money. I even recognize the actual motive now. He asks her what it’s miles. She tells hm approximately the recording. He calls it nonsense. How are you able to blame your sister like this? Are you from your mind? Purvi says it’s miles Priyu who has misplaced her mind. I am telling the fact. I actually have visible the video myself. You must ask Veer the actual motive as to why he’s marrying Priyu. Is it love or that recording? He seems at her pointedly.

Virender and Purvi move to talk to Veer’s room. Virender enhances him. Why are you marrying Priyu? Do you like her or are you below any pressure? Priyu is eavesdropping. Purvi tells him to be sincere. You are marrying her due to the fact you two? His eyes widen in shock. What are you pronouncing? Nothing like that took place. I do love her. It isn’t below pressure. Purvi insists that Priyu is dishonest him. He tells Virender to prevent this nonsense. I don’t recognize how Purvi ji can say the sort of aspect approximately her personal sister? I clearly love Priyu and vice versa. I am below no pressure. I do need to marry her. Purvi calls it a lie however Virender tells her to prevent. You are pressurizing him via way of means of pronouncing such things. Stop your drama. You wont try and prevent this wedding ceremony once more anymore. It may be desirable for you. She asks him to concentrate to her however in vain. They leave. Priyu hugs Veer and thank you him for hiding the fact from them. He says I will by no means inform everybody as it’s miles approximately your dignity. I am now no longer marrying you due to what took place among us. I am marrying you as I clearly love you a lot. She hugs him and praises herself mentally for killing 2 birds with one stone. No you can prevent me from turning into the queen of this residence now.

Purvi is decided to prevent the marriage at any cost.

Next morning, absolutely each person is busy with the preps. Purvi speaks to Aarav approximately what she had visible yesterday. Are you hiding some thing from us? I noticed you together along with your Baba yesterday. Aarav fumbles. Nandini comes there simply then. She tells Aarav to get prepared. Purvi makes a decision to now no longer inform Nandini until the time she unearths out the fact. Read More…….