Molkki 4 May 2021 Written Update


Mother says to Sakshi that Purvi is their house cleaner. Virendra stuns hearing him. Purvi runs from that point. Virendra advises Sakshi to take rest and leaves the room. He addresses Mama. Mom says to him that he will come clean to Sakshi on ideal time and he will converse with Purvi and she will get him. Sakshi requests that Virendra take her to his room. He figures he can’t come clean to her.

Anjali requests that Purvi leave Virendra’s room on the grounds that Sakshi will remain in the room from this point forward and Purvi can remain in house cleaner’s room and advises her to pack her stuff. Virendra and Sakshi goes to his room. He sees that Purvi’s garments are missing and ponders where she went now. Read more…..




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