Juhi is rubbing Manas’ head when Purvi enters. He was having a cerebral pain so I put oil in his hair however now I am additionally having one. Purvi offers to rub her head. How is it feeling? Juhi says generally excellent. Virender asks them what they are doing. Manas advises him to rub haathi’s head. He says I don’t do any such thing. Ladies and spouses do these things. Purvi asks him which book says as much. These errands are not separated for men or ladies. Leave it alone. I don’t need him to do anything. Virender grins. He winds up rubbing Purvi’s head. She grins yet he advises her to look forward. She looks at him in the middle however he scowls.

Purvi goes to Anjali’s room. I needed to address you about Bhuri. Anjali says I know nothing. Purvi shares what she saw yesterday. Bhuri revealed to me that you give

her cash for her Baba’s wellbeing. Do you know this? Anjali acts guiltless. I dint realize she was misleading me! I truly wear understand how she has been doing that cash. She faces Bhuri. Bhuri gives her the very answer that she had given to Purvi. Both of try not to be worried about what I do or where I go. Stay out of other people’s affairs (she looks at Purvi without flinching as she says that).

Next morning, Virender sees the morning meal on couch. He asks Purvi what she is in a hurry. She says I am getting late. Furthermore, I am stressed. He advises her to eat something yet she rationalizes. He demands that nobody should leave on a vacant stomach. Virender takes care of Purvi in the vehicle while she is contemplating. He even causes her beverage water when she eats a bean stew unintentionally. They share a sweet, cheerful second. They arrive at school. Purvi starts to go however Virender stops her. The very best. I’m certain you will put forth a valiant effort in test today. She expresses gratitude toward him and his heart. Fortunately, it has begun talking. He takes a gander at her in shock.

Everybody is giving test when Principal Sir strolls in. He advises everybody to quit composing. Invigilator asks him what occurred. He says we have been educated that the inquiry paper has been spilled. One of these understudies in the class is liable for it. Everybody remains in a line to get their packs checked. Invigilator recuperates the paper from Purvi’s pack. Purvi says it can’t be mine. Chief checks it. The data was revised. You released the papers and were cheating. We don’t permit any such thing to occur in our school. You are rusticated from the school immediately! Purvi says I dint cheat. Somebody probably kept it there purposefully. Trust me. He will not trust her. This paper is a proof. You should leave the school! Se implores him yet he won’t hear anything further. I dint anticipate this from you. You ought to have set a model as you are the Mukhiyayini of the school. You made us peer down before everybody. You ought to be embarrassed. Sudha heads outside and advises Virender.Purvi demands Principal to trust her. I haven’t done it. Karan vouches for her. She urges others to talk truth. She can’t swindle. Chief says this is a similar inquiry paper that was appropriated seconds ago. How could she have it on the off chance that she is guiltless? She has been discovered in the act. She can’t concentrate here any longer. Karan attempts to say something however Principal cuts him mid sentence. You can leave too on the off chance that you need to help her. Karan talks in support of Purvi once more. I will leave too if that is the situation. She can’t do this ever. Purvi says thanks to him for supporting her. I wont need anybody’s year to be demolished as a result of me. Give your test. Karan says it isn’t your issue. Invigilator requests that Purvi give her ID card. Purvi returns it to Principal. She leaves the live with overwhelming sadness and starts running. She sees Virender coming all at once and takes a gander at him tragically. Virender strolls towards her. She runs, embraces him tight and cries. Virender solaces her. Stop now, Bawari. Take a gander at me. He wipes her tears. Purvi advises him to trust her. I haven’t cheated. You realize I can’t do any such thing. Virender says Sudha has revealed to me everything. I know you wont do anything like that. Quit crying. I’m with you. I will fix everything.Virender and Purvi meet Principal. Virender asks Principal what occurred. Chief says I have found her in the act. Virender says I have seen her examination day and night for her tests. She even instructs the children when she gets free. She can’t do this. How might you articulate her blameworthy without evidence? Chief says invigilator found another arrangement of real papers before me. What else is required? Purvi says I haven’t done anything. Virender says currently police will wrap up. He educates the Inspector. You ought to explore this matter.

Around evening time, Purvi ponders who can do this to me. Virender takes Karan’s name. He objected to you. Purvi says he can’t be. He even apologized for his error. He remained by me when Principal was rusticating me. He even consented to leave the school with me when Principal dint move. I don’t figure he can do this. Virender looks on.

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