Molkki 31 March 2021 Written Update

I will bring something for you. He is hesitant yet she reasons that they would require water. Manas says our haathi should be eager as well. We will likewise eat with haathi now. We wont eat before that. Juhi embraces her sibling gladly. The children are somewhat enticed by the food yet don’t do anything.Prakashi takes the vehicle from the indirect access. Anjali and Prakashi head inside. Driver checks the air in the tires. He sees that the storage compartment is open and bolts it. Children yell for help. Manas is apprehensive however Juhi guarantees him that he will be fine. He begins hacking. The oxygen is likewise low. Juhi discloses to him he will be fine. They continue to yell for help.

Every one of the hooligans have gotten together yet they haven’t had the option to discover Purvi. Prakashi advises them to look cautiously. She wont have the option to go excessively far. The hooligan says she hasn’t eaten from 2 days. She won’t have any solidarity to walk. Anjali seconds him. They begin turning again.Purvi wakes upward. I will leap out of this window. She attempts to open it. Read more…..



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