Molkki 31 January 2021 Written update

Purvi attempts to fix the chain however to no end. Virender comes there searching for her. Savant ji is requesting you and you are appreciating cold beverage here. She mentions to him what occurred.

He delays as she requests that he fix the chain. He attempts and winds up pulling it off totally. The two of them turn inverse way. She whines to him over what he has done. He says I attempted to help you and you are accusing me. Mother requests that they come.


They consent to come pronto. Purvi says we will get late on the off chance that I go to change now. Rubaru plays as he wraps his cloak around her. She shuts her eyes as he inclines nearer. They share an eye lock. Virender leaves. He stops and takes a gander at her from the distance. She views at him also yet he dismisses all of a sudden. Read more….


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