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Manas and Juhi are taking classes at home. Purvi looks on. Manas goes to washroom. Juhi chooses to go with him. They light wafers under his seat. He escapes from that point and will not instruct them. Virender’s mom comments that this is the fourteenth educator that left. Who will show them now?

Savita calls Purvi. For what reason did you do my Molkki? For what reason did you lie to me? Savita is confused. You are mixed up. Purvi says it must be Baba’s doing in the event that you know nothing about it. Mahesh takes the telephone from Savita. Purvi demands him to take her home. We will restore their cash. I can’t remain here. Kindly take me from here. Mahesh advises her to appreciate the extravagances and will not restore the cash ever. Appreciate the sumptuous life there. He disengages the call. Savita questions Mahesh. He cautions her to be peaceful or he will do

Priyu’s Molkki also. Purvi chooses to accomplish something. I can’t be a Molkki. She wipes her tears as Virender’s mom comes there. She advises her to prepare. You need to go to Sudha’s home for lunch. Om is Virender’s colleague. Purvi concurs.

Purvi prepares. She is going to sit on the rearward sitting arrangement when the worker opens front entryway for her. She looks inside. He advises her to quit gazing. Driver is sick so I am driving the vehicle. Her dupatta falls over his face. He requests that her nearby the window. She concedes that she doesn’t have a clue how to do it. I am sitting in the vehicle for the third time. He does it for her while keeping up his distance. He glosses over radio yet switches it as he hears Touch Me melody. She chooses to reveal to him she can’t remain here as a Molkki lady of the hour. They arrive at Sudha’s place. She attempts to let him know again however he advises her to impart it to Ma. She demands that she should reveal to him this. He advises her to stand by at that point. I can’t allow my hosts to stand by. He heads inside.

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