Sakshi asks Virender what he is doing. He cautions her to hush up. I wont pay attention to anybody today and nobody will intrude. All of you ought to comprehend one thing obviously. Bawri has a place just with me. Just I reserve an option to contact her! Nobody else can contact her. I have a right on her! Nobody will interfere with us regardless of whether it is by her decision. I wont spare that individual totally. You can take my statement on that!

Purvi ventures among Virender and Vipul. Mukhi ji would never retreat from his promise prior however he is breaking the pledge that he had given to me today! Do you recollect that you swore upon me? Presently you should pay for your untruth. You kept your hand on this Bawri and swore upon me. Presently this Bawri will show you how she can take her life! Virender’e eyes augment in shock. Purvi says you won’t get Bawri however Bawri’s dead body. She gets a blade and cuts her wrist. Virender yells against it however it is past the point of no return.