Molkki 30 April 2021 Written Update

Prakashi gets some information about Purvi. Savant ji advises Prakashi to call the lady of the hour and lucky man as quickly as possible. We may lose the mahurat thusly and the marriage can’t occur for the following a half year at that point. Virender ponders where Purvi more likely than not gone to without educating anybody. Prakashi says Purvi has not come till now.

How would it be a good idea for us to respond? Where would she be able to go this way? Did both of you battle about something? Is it safe to say that she was prepared for the wedding? Anjali says Purvi ought to have disclosed to Jeth ji prior to vanishing. Is anything but something little for a lady of the hour to vanish just before her wedding. It is so embarrassing for the husband to be. Virender grips his hands furiously. He eliminates his turban stunning everybody. Anjali says he eliminated his safa. Prakashi addresses Virender. There is still time.


She asks Pundit ji how long they actually have. Virender says let it be. I have decided. This wedding wont occur. You can pack your stuff and leave. He is sorry to everybody. Kindly go to your room and excuse me. Mom ji advises him to think with a composed attitude. Virender says I can’t be quiet at this moment. I have concluded that the wedding wont happen now. I’m upset for what occurred. It shouldn’t have occurred however if it’s not too much trouble, pardon me and leave. He creases his hands before the visitors. He thinks it was you (Purvi) before whom I twisted my head after God. I needed to bow my head before everybody in view of you today! Read more…..


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