Molkki 3 April 2021 Episode Written Update

Prakashi says I am thinking how to end that Molkki’s section before Virender return. Where are the children? Anjali she mentions to them what she did. I can at long last take in harmony as they have gone to class. In any case, my companions need to come over for a kitty party. I have kept one today. Prakashi says it is incredible. Proceed to make prepares for something very similar. Anjali gestures.

Manas and Juhi view at the children as they eat food. A child asks them for what reason they are sitting this way. Has your progression mother not give you any food today? Manas discloses to him not to say anything. She isn’t our progression mother however haathi. She gives us food consistently. He inquires as to whether she fled and snickers. Different children participate. Juhi takes Manas outside. Manas says we should discover haathi or these individuals will keep on disturbing us. Haathi’s life is by all accounts in harm’s way. Juhi concurs. They choose to plan something for figure out how to save haathi. Manas advises his sister to consider something. You considered such countless things when you needed to inconvenience haathi. She reveals to him an arrangement in his ears.


Anjali is energized for the gathering and is cooking with Jyoti. Set a decent melody. Jyoti demands her to do naagin dance. Anjali advises her to begin. I will follow you. Jyoti shows her how it’s finished. Jyoti records her video.


Educator requests that the children hand over their books to her. Manas spills stick on her seat when she is gathering books from the understudies. He rapidly sits down before she turns. Manas conceals his snicker as she sits on her seat.

Anjali is having a good time doing naagin style dance.


Instructor understands that one book is absent. She takes a stab at getting up from her seat yet fizzles. Children begin snickering. She stands up and the seat gets stuck to her dress. Who did this? A child focuses at Manas. He rapidly leaves the class when she advises him to get out.

Juhi is drawing something on the board. Children welcome the educator when she enters in the study hall however then beginning giggling. She asks them who has made this. Juhi holds up. Did you like it? Educator requests that she get out. Juhi expresses gratitude toward her, picks her pack and leaves.


Anjali gets a call from the school. Chief asks her how she is identified with the children. Anjali says I am their Chachi. He says we required their folks and nobody else. Anjali says they are away. I care for like their mom as it were. Children take a gander at one another. Chief says they are bad children. How have you been raising her in the event that you resemble a mother to them? He discloses to her the mischiefs that the children have done. You are additionally liable for what they have done today. Anjali says I take care of them well. He opposes this idea. What would we be able to anticipate that a mother should instruct the children when she can’t give them lunch? You are not working really hard by any means. Would you like to transform them into beasts? Are my words going to transform you for great or would you say you are difficult too? Anjali pledges to show them a thing or two at home.

Prakashi sees Anjali returning home with the children. They came early today? Anjali says school has sent them home. They have gotten excessively shrewd. Chief was talking inconsiderately to me and was censuring me for things. These children may ruin my gathering. How would it be a good idea for me to respond? Prakashi advises the children not to venture out of their room. They guarantee her. Prakashi says you will see the most noticeably terrible of me if both of you venture out of your room. Anjali advises Bhuri to secure the children their room. Manas requests that she give them something to eat. She offers to slap them all things considered. Juhi demands her to save her sibling. He isn’t eager.

Entryway chime rings. Anjali invites her companions.

Manas pulls Juhi to the side. We executed arrangement number 1 effectively. The time has come to discover plan number 2. Juhi says we need to show a critical exercise to Chachi before that. Bhuri takes them higher up.

Assessor beats the thugs. They demand that they know nothing about Mukhiyayini. Assessor additionally requests to realize who caused them to capture Purvi. They shout and yell in torment yet don’t utter a word. Sudha and Priyu are outside. They inquire as to whether he discovered anything. He says they aren’t talking at the present time however we will investigate every possibility. Return home until further notice. We will make them tlak.

Juhi and Manas are in the nursery.

Prakashi inquires as to whether they have shrouded Molkki well. He discloses to her that they have moved Purvi to another area. She advises them to be cautious. Police is searching for you. I will reveal to you when or where one should be moved. Try not to be merciful with her now. Police wont spare you in the event that you get captured. Hooligan guarantees you that nobody will actually want to figure out Purvi this time. Prakashi and the children don’t see one another.

Manas guides Juhi toward a corner. We will find that there. Juhi recommends placing that in the glass.

Sudha comes to haveli. Anjali is playing a card game with her companions. Her companions get some information about Purvi. Anjali lies that she has gone to her home. She sees Sudha and takes her to a corner. Is everything fine? Sudha says I came to know whether you heard anything from Purvi. Anjali denies. Police is searching for her. I will disclose to you when I will discover anything. Sudha asks her for what reason she deceived her companions. Anjali says she is absent. I shrouded this to keep up the admiration of the town, this house and of Purvi. Individuals may start to talk in the event that they get some answers concerning this. You should go at this point. Your companion is absent. Mine are here. Allow me to appreciate a bit. She joins her companions. Sudha leaves. Jyoti dominates the match. Anjali’s companions request that Anjali bring dal makhani and biryani as arranged. Anjali guarantees her that she has made significant nourishment for them. She requests that Bhuri bring food. Read more……


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