Whole family is moving ground floor. Purvi checks all over however she doesn’t discover Anjali. She stops the music and tells everybody that Anjali isn’t at home. I check all over the place. Virender’s mom calls it unimaginable. Virender is in musings.

Anjali contacts her objective. I have arrived at mine yet I wont let Priyu contact her objective. Virender blessings an excellent jewelry to Purvi. Njali comes inside a house. A person gives her a paper (medical clinic report I accept). She pays cash to the person. The impact will happen now.

Virender inquires as to whether she loved it. She says it is exceptionally wonderful. It is much more excellent than Sakshi ji’s neckband. For what reason would you say you are offering it to me however? Is it accurate to say that you are offering it to me so you can accuse me once more? Virender says you begin talking prior to tuning in to me appropriately. It is for you. How might you take your own jewelry? She starts to leave yet he holds her and turns her around. They share an eye lock. Virender says I purchased a comparative jewelry for Sakshi 8 years prior. It is up to you whether you wan tto keep it or discard it. She acknowledges it. You should come to tailor with me. He hasn’t given us garments till now. We can go in the vehicle. It will be somewhat of a short drive. Virender inquires as to whether she has gone frantic. What will individuals think? She helps him to remember his guarantee. Will you come now?

Virender discloses to Purvi he came here on account of his own thought. She gestures. He says it was mine however I think even I can consider not many bizarre thoughts. He advises all her calm. How about we tune in to music now. He turns it off as the tune is abnormal. She leaves it on deliberately. He surrenders.

Jyoti is at the tailor’s shop. Did you do what I had asked you to? He gestures. He sees Virender’s vehicle outside. Jyoti covers up. Virender gets occupied on a call. He requests that Purvi bring garments pronto. She will not go inside alone. We will go together or we wont. He calls her nautanki.

Jyoti asks the businessperson where she should stow away. He makes her stow away under the table. Virender and Purvi stroll in. Tailor says I planned to bring them in any case. Purvi says Mukhiya ji said that we will go together. We will likewise go on a short drive thusly. Virender takes a gander at her. Jyoti hurls a moan of help.

Vaibhav cautions Priyu to deny the wedding. I will in any case demolish your life. She says that is done as of now. Presently it’s your turn. He advises her to quit figuring she will have the option to vindicate her affront. You have seen the outcomes of playing with me as of now. Priyu enlightens him to think concerning himself. I wont let you go off without any problem!

Virender’s mom is stressed over Anjali. Everybody has been requesting her. Mom says she communicated something specific that she will be home before the wedding. She is as yet stressed. Mom says Yogi has gone to bring her. Yogi returns with no report about Anjali. Virender’s mom advises Jyoti to discover where Anjali is. Jyoti calls Anjali. Anjali advises all her things on hold till the time she is back. Jyoti concurs. Plan B is prepared.

Bhuri reveals to Purvi that her Baba is sick. I don’t have cash to purchase such costly medications so Anjali Bhabhi gave me cash. She comprehended my torment yet you questioned me. Purvi apologizes to her with collapsed hands. You might have revealed to me this as of now. Anybody will question you in the event that they will see you going out covertly. She gives cash and organic products to Bhuri to provide for her Baba. I will do whatever I can. Bhuri expresses gratitude toward her. Purvi feels awful for questioning Bhuri. If it’s not too much trouble make him sound soon, Kanha ji.

Manas and Juhi request that Purvi assist them with preparing. She sees Virender coming there and requests that they approach their Baba for help. They do as told. Juhi says haathi said that you will prepare us today. Virender thinks this is her new arrangement. I wont surrender however. He consents to help them. Purvi grins. She takes a gander at them from outside and grins comprehensively. Manas is prepared. Juhi requests that her Baba fix her dupatta. He says I don’t have the foggiest idea how to do it. She says you offered to do it so please attempt. He attempts every which way. She at last likes one style. Manas’ dhoti has no drawing string. Purvi giggles. Virender requests that she help fix the drawing string. She inquires as to whether he doesn’t have a clue how to do it. I will educate you. Children chuckle at Virender. He reveals to them not to snicker. She shows Virender how it’s finished. Manas calls his Baba great kid as he got up to speed too early. Purvi advises them to wear it and come ground floor pronto. I have other work as well. Virender takes a gander at her.

Purvi brings Priyu first floor. Purvi thinks I generally needed to see you dressed as a wonderful lady yet I never figured it will happen thusly. Vaibhav and Priyu plunk down in the mandap. Jyoti and Vaibhav wonder when Anjali will come. Lady and lucky man trade festoons. Purvi does their gathbandhan next. She pardons herself briefly. Virender considers what befallen her.

Flashback shows Jyoti inquiring as to whether he has done what she had requested. He gestures. Whoever wears this shirt wont have the option to hold it for a really long time. The zip will fall off. Flashback closes. Jyoti grins.