Molkki 28 June 2021 Written Update: I can’t mention to you how this penance affects me. Purvi denies. I have thoroughly considered it. Head inside and inform everybody concerning my choice. Flashback closes. Sakshi says I reported it before everybody later. Anjali inquires as to whether he heard that Sakshi has changed haldi things into game. Will you play with us?

Sakshi inquires as to whether anybody might want to rival the husband to be. Virender ventures forward and wins. Vipul discloses to him that he will apply haldi to Purvi as he has won. Virender applies haldi to Purvi. Vipul comments that he may have won this yet I will wed Purvi. Purvi’s folks stroll in all at once. Her Baba says Purvi wont wed Purvi. Disregard this wedding and stop this custom!

Virender approaches her. Sakshi requests that she make him comprehend. The two of them go into a room where Virender offers cash to Purvi’s dad and expresses profound gratitude to him. He reveals to him that he can’t allow this union with occur at any expense.

Her dad says that he will uphold him. Inevitably, Purvi’s mom sees cash in Purvi’s dad’s handbag and questions him about it. He reveals to her that Virender offers it to him as he requested that he stop Purvi’s marriage. Purvi hears them and goes to Virender straightforwardly. She questions him. He asks her then for what good reason is he wedding Vipul. Virender challenges Purvi that the Haldi contest will not be finished.