The next morning, Doc eliminates the mortar. He advises Virender to stroll for quite a while consistently. He leaves. Purvi offers to knead Virender’s leg with oil. For what reason did Nandini leave abruptly? What did she say? Virender says she was saying jabber. Purvi reasons that Nandini was crying when she left. You too probably examined something. He advises her not to meddle among their father and little girl.

Molkki 28 July 2021 Written Update

We will figure it out ourselves. He requests that a worker take him to the patio. Purvi makes certain there is an off-base thing. Nandini wouldn’t have left like that last night in any case and neither would have Mukhi ji disregarded me. I should discover myself.

Virender and Chaudhary trade words. Chaudhary reveals to Virender that he actually has an approach to beat him. Afterward, Nandini comes to Virender crying and demands he to save Aarav. She further says that Chaudhary got them hitched distinctly to render his retribution from Virender. Virender takes out his gun.