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Manas and Juhi demand Virender to apply it on Purvi’s hand once more. The tone should come this time. He acknowledges their interest so they kiss him on the cheek pleasantly before they head to their room. Virender takes a gander at the henna and considers how Purvi has been feeling awful due to things oging against her since the day she has come here.

Virender shuts the entryway. Purvi is dozing. I continued calling you Bawari till date however I am the genuine insane one (Bawla). I failed to remember that each young lady has a few dreams identified with marriage and assumptions from her wedding. I was unable to satisfy it till now yet I will begin today. I can’t give you Sakshi’s place however we can be companions. He contacts her shoulder somewhat to awaken her however she essentially turns in her rest. She moves her hand away in her rest however he holds it and


applies henna on her hand.


Next morning, Purvi awakens. She is amazed to see henna in her two hands. Who did this? Children come to embrace her all at once. Good day! Purvi gets some information about mehendi. Juhi eliminates the dry mehendi. The tone is so delightful. Purvi gestures. Who applied this however? Manas says a dark hoodlum did that. Juhi focuses at Virender who is as yet resting. Purvi grins. Manas additionally supplements the tone. Presently nobody can say that Babbar Sher doesn’t cherish haathi. They request that she come first floor so they can rehearse dance for sangeet. Purvi concurs. She sends them first floor. Purvi takes a gander at Virender. Attempt however much you need Kroor Singh ji yet I wont excuse you so without any problem.

Anjali and Jyoti attempt to escape the house covertly when Virender’s mom stops her. She attempts to recommend an option in contrast to Anjali’s solicitation however Anjali actually leaves. Purvi thinks about what they are up to now.


Everybody is rehearsing first floor. Virender discloses to Mama he looks great yet Mama advises him to attempt it himself. Virender denies. His mom reasons that both lady of the hour and husband to be are his family members. You should move. She likewise brings Purvi and pushes them both nearer. You both should rehearse now. Choreographer reveals to them the means. Virender and Purvi adhere to the guidelines. They move to one side to rehearse the means as the choreographer centers around others. Virender broadens his hand. Purvi keeps her hand in his. He supplements the shade of henna on her hands. She gestures. It is acceptable yet I wont excuse you due to this signal. He says I pardoned you without any problem. For what reason would you say you are as a rule so critical? How might you excuse me? She says you should attempt to win my trust. Imagine a scenario where you rehash it. He says I will continue to attempt. You just say that the individuals who attempt won’t ever fall flat. She makes him rehash the means. He joyfully obliges her desire. They share an eye lock.

Vaibhav and his companions are drinking. His male companions disclose to Vaibhav that that wager demonstrated out to be exorbitant for him. You won some cash by winning it however she will get the whole property in the wake of wedding you. Whatever happened wasn’t right however yet now you should go through your time on earth with that uneducated! Priyu says I am that young lady from town who will commit Vaibhav pay for his error his whole life. I will make him pay for consistently, the agony that he has caused me. You won the wager yet you lost life while winning it! You are a failure! Drink it. It will help you. Vaibhav exhaust.


Purvi sees a sack in Anjali’s room. Where is she going? She may attempt to work on something during the wedding. I should discover reality before that. Bhuri asks her what she is doing here. Purvi says I am remaining outside. Why should you question me? I ought to be the one asking you inquiries. I saw you leaving the haveli covertly around evening time not many days back. Where were you off to? You likewise brought a few medications yesterday. Nobody takes such expensive prescriptions in this house. Who were they for? Bhuri bumbles. Purvi rehashes her inquiries. Virender’s mom requests that Purvi help her with the marriage prepares. Purvi gestures. She discloses to Bhuri she might be going now however I will discover reality sometime. Bhuri hurls a moan of alleviation once Purvi leaves.

Everybody has accumulated for the sangeet service around evening time. Manas and Juhi are the initial ones. They kiss Purvi before their exhibition and even make a gesture of blowing a kiss at Virender. Virender sits close to Purvi during the presentation yet she moves to another couch. Virender grins.

Mom and Virender’s mom’s presentation is straightaway. Anjali and Jyoti are available. Virender sits close to Purvi yet she switches seat once more. Virender thinks till when you won’t excuse me. Bawari. Purvi thinks till the time I am sure that you wont misconstrue me until kingdom come.

Anjali gets a call. She discloses to Jyoti she should leave now. They go higher up. Anjali discloses to Jyoti this is their last possibility. We should be fruitful this time. Jyoti guarantees her she will deal with everything. Simply finish everything. They share an embrace. Anjali takes her pack and leaves.

Virender and Purvi are approached to venture forward for their exhibition. Vaibhav looks at Priyu. The dance execution is very otherworldly. Neither of them takes their eyes off one another during the whole presentation. Their eye lock is broken when individuals applaud and hoot for her. Virender’s mom acclaims Purvi. Host acclaims Virender. You are as sentimental from inside as exacting you look from outside. He welcomes Priyu and Vaibhav on the floor now. Their dance is a little forceful and their demeanors talk retaliation and challenge. She steps on his foot purposefully during the dance.

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