Molkki 28 April 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Virendra places note in Purvi’s food plate. Every one of the women moves in Purvi’s mehanti service. Virendra goes out without educating anybody to safeguard Sakshi. Priyashi and Sudha applies mehanti on Purvi’s hands. Priyashi says to Purvi that she will compose Virendra’s name on her hand. In any case, Purvi stops her. Priyashi says to her that it’s a custom so Purvi need not to bashful and again attempts to compose but rather Purvi argues her to not compose.

Sudha asks Purvi that what’s her concern. Purvi uncovers to them that Virendra said that he needed to compose his name on her hand. Priyashi and Sudha prods Purvi. Prakashi and Anjali additionally catches their discussion. Virendra arrives at the sea shore and goes into that neglected house however nobody is there.


Few moments back, Bhuri discovers Sakshi’s note and offers it to Prakashi. Prakashi blows up perusing that note and says to Anjali that Sakshi isn’t apprehensive about her any longer that is the reason she send this note to look for help and before anybody arrives at Sakshi they needs to move her. Anjali gestures at her. Prakashi advises her to accomplish some work additionally rather than simply gesturing her head consistently. Anjali and Bhuri arrives at the unwanted house and shift Sakshi to somewhere else.


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Presently, Virendra discovers piece of information and affirms that somebody send note from that point just and ponders who might have done that. Purvi ponders where Virendra abandoned educating her and sees her food plate and opens to have food. She discovers Virendra’s note and discovers that he is sitting tight for her in the patio to compose his name on her hand. She grins and runs towards the patio. He prods her and to escape from his prodding she asks him that where was he till now.


He says to her that he was sitting tight for her just and it’s her who arrived behind schedule to the patio. He grasps her hand and expresses “V” on her hand. She cries in joy. He asks her that for what valid reason she is crying at this point. She answers to him saying that it seems like a fantasy and she is worried about the possibility that that this fantasy may break. He embraces her and says to her that it’s their world not a fantasy and requests that she feel it and wipes her tears at that point kisses on her temple.

Then again, Prakashi harms Sakshi for composing note. Anjali says to Prakashi that they needs to deal with Purvi too. Prakashi says to her that she will not allow Purvi to turn into Virendra’s better half and she has plan to stop the marriage.


Children says to Purvi that Virendra isn’t coming from horse. She says to them that she additionally needs that and that is unrealistic now however she is glad that her marriage occurring with Virendra. Virendra catches their discussion. Bhuri takes Manas’ shoes. Manas illuminates Virendra and Prakashi that his shoes are absent.

Prakashi sends Manas with Bhuri to purchase new shoes. Virendra needs to satisfy Purvi’s desire and illuminates about it to his family. Purvi prepares as lady of the hour. Bhuri leaves Manas’ hand intentionally and Goons grabs him. Bhuri illuminates about Manas’ grab to Prakashi. Read more……

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