Sakshi is packing Virender’s bag for his trip to Delhi. He asks Sakshi if she has packed everything including his files. She nods. I just have to keep the files. Virender wonders why Bawri has not come to meet him till now. I have to leave soon. Purvi is on her way to Virender’s room. I will give it to him and meet him before he leaves for Delhi.

Anjali asks Purvi to give kadha to Ma. She is not feeling well. Purvi says I will give milk to Mukhi ji first and then make it. Anjali offers to give it to Virender instead. Ma is not keeping well. Don’t think so much. Purvi is making kadha in the kitchen. She decides to meet Virender after giving it to Ma. Mukhi ji wont go without meeting me. She hears Virender telling the servant to keep the bag in the car and notices him leaving. He left without meeting me? Kids ask haathi to come outside with them. We want to have ice cream. We have called a vendor in the lawn.

Purvi tries to decline but they insist. She gives in. She asks the servant to give kadha to Ma and goes with the kids.The lawn is empty. Purvi asks the kids about the vendor. They say he was right here but don’t know where he is now. You are right. Purvi looks at them in confusion. You said he is here.

Manas points at the ice cream guy behind Purvi. She looks back and notices Virender. They both smile at each other. Virender gives ice cream to the kids. They run inside excitedly. Purvi says you left for Delhi. Virender says how can I go without meeting my Bawri. She smiles. Read more….