Mom advises everybody to quiet down. He requests that Virender apply haldi also. Purvi moves to one side. Virender applies haldi to Priyu. He takes a gander at Purvi. You’re not ready to excuse me so see what I will do now.

Purvi is caught up with conversing with the visitors. Virender applies haldi all over and takes a gander at her distinctly. Anjali, Mama ji and Virender’s mom notice it. Purvi applies haldi on Virender’s cheek too. She attempts to leave yet Virender pulls her back and applies more haldi on both her cheeks. Anjali exhaust. Mom is certain Mukhi will work his appeal on Mukhiyayin today. Purvi applies haldi everywhere all over and neck. Virender gets her on his shoulder and takes her to a corner. He sets out a jug of dry haldi or tones on her.

Virender says sorry to Purvi. She says she won’t excuse him that effectively and requests that he watch what she does. In evening, when a capacity is going on, a dispatch man comes. Purvi sees a worker gathering the bundle and ponders which bundle came that late.

Afterward, Priyu is crying. She reveals to Purvi that she’s missing Naveen a ton today. She wishes he didn’t discard her. She even cut short a kid for him. Anjali hears this and is stunned. Read More….