Virender attempts to leave yet Purvi stops him. For what reason wouldn’t you be able to embrace them when everybody is saluting them? For what reason do you get them far from yourself? For what reason do you stay annoyed with them? They need their Baba’s affection.

The children demonstration so shrewd so you can converse with them. Be pleasant to them. Become their companion. They will at that point become great like you. He reveals to her not to act keen. I know how much love and gratefulness should be given to the children. I needn’t bother with your recommendation. Zero in on the gathering rather than our relations. Purvi thinks I dint state anything incorrectly.

It is his propensity to get disturbed without any problem. I will change his propensity. You can get vexed as much as you need and I will mollify you.

Juhi gets some information about her birthday subject. Purvi concurs. Juhi expresses gratitude toward her and calls her Mukhiyayin. We wouldn’t have breezed through the tests or commended my birthday if not for you.

I am grieved. I thought you came to assume my Ma’s position so I was angry with you. I am not angry with you any longer. Would i be able to be your companion like hippo as well? Purvi pleasantly acknowledges her desire. The birthday celebration will be fab tomorrow. Juhi embraces her. much obliged to you, elephant!