Virender reaches Radha Krishna temple. Nani and Purvi are shopping for puja thaal. Virender is proper in the back of her however she has her lower back to him. She is going interior with Nani. Virender buys a puja thaal and heads interior as well. Purvi and Virender take rounds round a pillar. Virender and Purvi provide water to the Shivlinga on the identical time. A man is status among them and that they do now no longer simply appearance up in order that they omit seeing every different again. Nani and Purvi fold palms in the front of Radha Krishna’s idol in reverence. Nani tells her to thank God as she should meet her might-be husband due to Him handiest. Virender is looking ahead to his flip at a distance. Purvi and Nani start to move. Virender increases his thaal to offer to pundit ji while the chunri flies and falls on Purvi. Virender walks as much as her. Nani gets rid of the chunri and offers to Virender. He turns by the point Purvi turns to study him. She notices him from in the back of and stories flashes again. Nani holds her as she stumbles a little. What happened? Purvi says it is probably due to the fact I dint have something on account that morning. Nani shows heading domestic.

Nani asks Purvi if she likes Daksh too. We each such as you very much. Purvi says I handiest recognise that we meet those we’re destined to satisfy. My sure or no does now no longer count if I am destined to be with Daksh. Nani praises her for speaking sweetly. I marvel how he discovered a person such as you. Purvi reminds Daksh that her interview for coaching activity is due tomorrow. Chandni is glad for her however Nani isn’t. Purvi says I am doing it for myself. I experience spending time with children and coaching them top things. I am now no longer doing it for cash. Nani offers in. Do what you need however let’s additionally do your engagement asap.

Virender calls Daksh. Is your Nani right here? Daksh nods. Virender reminds him that they must have dinner with him tomorrow. Daksh consents.

Manas and Juhi request Virender now no longer to ship them to hostel. We might be top. Virender tells them that that is the fine college of Delhi. You gets to recognise lots many stuff other than research right here. Manas asks him if he might have despatched them to hostel if haathi became there. Juhi additionally asks him to answer. Virender hugs them. This is a superb college and has superb teachers. They will take superb care of you that’s why I were given you admitted right here. Manas prays to haathi’s Kanha ji. Please ship haathi lower back. Baba wont ever ship us to hostel if she comes lower back. Come lower back, haathi. Where are you?

Purvi, Daksh and Chandni are on their manner to the college.

Veer, Virender, Manas and Juhi also are on their manner to college.

Daksh notices Purvi concerned. Are you nervous? She denies. I am concerned approximately Nani. What if she reveals out approximately our drama? She proposed getting us engaged in an afternoon or two. Hope you apprehend that I wont be capable of do it. He tells her to depart it on him. Focus handiest to your interview.

Juhi and Manas are searching out of the window sadly. Their automobile is at a pink light. Daksh stops his automobile subsequent to theirs. Kids appearance on apparently toward the female in passenger seat in Daksh’s automobile.

Daksh tells Purvi now no longer to fear approximately the interview. I am the trustee of that college after all. She calls him cartoon. I don’t need this activity due to your advice however via way of means of my tough work. Chandni encourages her. Purvi smiles. She turns her head round however a automobile stops among Virender and their automobile simply then. Manas and Juhi aren’t capable of see her face. Light turns green. The automobile, which became among Daksh and Virender’s automobile, moves. Purvi and children appearance toward every different.