Purvi says I figured I will send Priyu with you yet she has an injury in her leg. You can take Sudha with you. She knows the ceremonies as well. Sudha promptly concurs. Priyu feels that her dramatization wound up demonstrating gainful for Sudha.

Nandini asks a house keeper who she is taking the high temp water sack for. House keeper discloses to her that Aarav is injured. Nandini hurries to take care of Aarav. How did this occur? He advises her to unwind. I will be fine. Nandini actually requests to know how it occurred.

He says I slipped while riding my bicycle. She realizes it has gone for overhauling. Try not to deceive me. I’m your significant other at this point. Try not to conceal it from me. He advises her (in quiet). Epi closes on Nandini’s stunned face.Prakashi discloses to Anjali that Purvi made Nandini and Veer on her side. In the event that Nandini and Veer don’t remain close by, they will lose the fight.

Chaudhary tells Aarav for accomplishing something. He remains silent. Chaudhary slaps him, loses him the steps. Nandini comes to Virender and says that he will not remain in the political race for mukhi’s position. Read more…..