Molkki 25 January 2021 Written Episode Update

Virender cautions her to mind her tongue. I’m the Mukhiya of this town. As a Mukhiya, I can’t confide in anybody based on words as it were. I would require evidence. Your claim was intense and you had no verification to demonstrate Vaibhav blameworthy. Remember that I set this Panchayat so Priyu could get equity. Vaibhav apologizes to Virender. Virender discloses to him that his wrongdoing is unforgivable and you should look for absolution from Priyu, not me. Vaibhav apologizes to Priyu.

He demands Purvi to request that Priyu excuse him. Purvi advises him that his wrongdoing is inexcusable. She advises Priyu to rebuff Vaibhav with the end goal that nobody will actually set out to accomplish something like this once more. He moves toward his mom for help however she slaps him. Try not to call me Ma. You assaulted a young lady and misled everybody about it! I lament bringing forth you! You assaulted her, misled everybody and are looking for pardoning now? How could you? She slaps him again as she drives him away. It would have been exceptional in the event that you had passed on when you were a child. We wouldn’t have been offended like this at that point. He demands her to pardon him. She advises him to restore Priyu’s respect to her all things considered. Who will wed her now? Will you? He concedes he committed an error yet she advises him that he assaulted a young lady. Either law or Priyu will give your decision now.


Vaibhav demands Priyu to excuse him. She advises him to restore her pride all things considered. Who will wed me now? Virender asks her how they ought to rebuff Vaibhav so equity is finished with her. She advises him to cause Vaibhav to wed her. Purvi takes a gander at her sister in stun. Every other person is similarly shocked. Priyu says whole town realizes what has befallen me. He has ruined my life. She asks her sister who else will hold her hand now. Priyu says he defamed my poise and he can restore it to me by making me his better half and by giving me a protected future. That is the point at which I will get equity. Purvi asks her what she is stating. How might you consider wedding him? You won’t ever be content with him. marriage implies two individuals sharing affection and regard for the remainder of their lives. He never regarded you. He offended you all things considered. How might you consider wedding him? Priyu demands that this is the best way to restore her pride to her. Whole town thinks about my assault. Nobody will wed me now. Just Vaibhav can wed me and return my respect to me. Purvi is as yet not certain but rather Virender advises her to stop it. She demands that Vaibhav doesn’t regard young ladies. You disclose to me how he will regard Priyu.


Virender says your sister will be a piece of my family. I guarantee you she will get all the rights that she merits. She has experienced the most noticeably awful in this whole episode. We should regard her choice. I uphold her choice. It will be a ultimate conclusion. Priyu reveals to her sister she thinks what she is going to do is correct. If you don’t mind uphold me. I can’t do anything against your desire. Kindly help me. Virender advises Purvi to help her as a sister. I will consistently take care of them. Vaibhav wont have the option to contact her without her desire even after the wedding. He wont have the option to drive things on her by the same token. He will demonstrate out to be a decent spouse after marriage. In the event that that doesn’t occur, at that point Priyu can move toward me. This is my request. Purvi gives in for the wellbeing of Priyu. We at any rate don’t have some other option. Virender declares that the wedding will occur in 2 days. Vaibhav takes a gander at Priyu who embraces her sister and cries. Jyoti cries also. Anjali advises her that they actually have 2 days. We can change numerous things in these 2 days. They have caused us a major harm. Shockingly, I put Purvi in issues at this point she substantiates herself right without fail and draws nearer to Virender. I guarantee you. This wedding wont occur and Virender and Purvi won’t ever approached as a couple. I will make breaks between them. They wont have the option to beat that ever.

Purvi is remaining by the wedding and is pondering Priyu’s choice. She sees Bhuri leaving in the night covertly. I have seen her going out like this in the past too. There is some mystery. Children come hurrying to meet their haathi. She expresses gratitude toward them for causing her. I’m upset for how I dealt with both of you. They disclose to her it is alright. Manas and Juhi apologize to Virender for going to their room at this hour. He says it is alright. Purvi advises the children they don’t need to state sorry. The person who misconstrued others and dint see their issues ought to apologize all things considered. I concur that it was my error and I am sorry to each of you 3 for what occurred in the previous few days.


I dint need to do that deliberately. I was constrained to do that however. Individuals do things some of the time for reasons. He (Virender) is savvy. Atleast he could comprehend who is doing what and why. I needed to experience to such an extent. I got captured and gone through 2 days in prison moreover. Virender asks her for what reason she was unable to disclose to him anything. Dint you confide in me? Purvi inquires as to whether they know how fair haathi is. They gesture. Purvi takes a gander at Virender. What will haathi do if the lord of the wilderness can’t comprehend haathi? Children continue to take a gander at them. Purvi reports that haathi wont address Babbar Sher until kingdom come. She goes to kitchen. Virender thinks I realize she is angry with me however I should mollify her by one way or another. What would it be a good idea for me to do now?

Children show confidence in Virender. Everybody gets scared of the lord of wilderness. Virender asks them what he ought to do now. Manas advises him to state sorry. Juhi seconds him. Haathi will descend. Virender inquires as to whether he ought to apologize in any event, when he is right. She advises him to do it. One should apologize for reasons unknown now and again. Let’s assume it for the wellbeing of we. He concurs. How might we mollify her however? Juhi encourages him to send her a message. Virender calls attention to that she doesn’t have a telephone. Manas advises her to blessing one to her. Juhi gestures. My companions used to offer blessings to me at whatever point I used to get disturbed. Virender asks them when they turned out to be so savvy. Manas says since the start. Juhi gestures. Dadi says that we have taken after you. He grins and embraces them. Virender thinks your heart is broken so I should patch it. I will assuage you at any expense. I will perceive how you wont!


Next morning, Virender’s mom is sitting unfortunately in a corner. Purvi attempts to occupy her yet Virender’s mom holds he hand. If you don’t mind pardon me. I dint trust you. I would never believe that Vaibhav will accomplish something like this! I’m some way or another liable for what he has done. I brought forth him at this point I was unable to show him how to regard a young lady! He wouldn’t have done this at that point. She creases her hands. Purvi demands her not to apologize.

You’re not to blame. You acknowledged me as a mother when I came here. You upheld me and showed me what’s set in stone. You raised him right yet great individuals need to experience terrible occasions here and there. Kindly don’t accuse yourself. Virender’s mom inquires as to whether she excused her. Purvi wipes her tears. You were not to blame. I will bring tea for you. Virender’s mom kisses her on her brow and favors her. purvi turns and notification Virender remaining close to the steps. She heads to the kitchen.

Virender’s mom discloses to Virender that he has called all the visitors here. nobody should head outside. pick something for yourself and Purvi as well. Virender says I have no clue about what ladies like. Children come racing to him. Juhi advises him to do it so they can appease haathi. Manas advises him to bring a telephone as well. You haven’t brought it till now! Virender consents to bring it quickly. He leaves.

Virender comes to kitchen. He sends the house keeper outside. He offers to help Purvi and tosses a pakoda in the oil dish. She ventures back. What’s going on with you? I would prefer not to bite the dust. I need to repay the Molkki and return home as well. Virender thinks she is as yet irate. He gives her telephone. She reveals to him she needn’t bother with it however he advises her to take a gander at it once. You can address somebody on the off chance that you need to.

She says I am not all that extraordinary for somebody that somebody will call me. Virender says you may believe that you are not exceptional for somebody but rather imagine a scenario in which somebody feels that you are unique. He goes calm briefly. I mean you are unique for Manas and Juhi. Save it for them. Consider the possibility that they want to address their mom sooner or later of time. Read more….

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