Molkki 24 April 2021 Written Update

Purvi says I was here. What was the deal? Sudha discloses to Purvi she is extremely glad for her today. You will become Mukhi ji’s significant other. Purvi grins. I’m overjoyed as well. Did you take her (Sakshi) back to the cell securely? Sudha denies. I was taking her to NGO feeling that you are leaving the haveli. You wont leave now. Besides, Anjali Bhabhi will be here.

She (Sakshi) will be at serious risk. I will in any case her with me. Purvi gestures and goes. Sudha thinks she concealed reality from Purvi until further notice. I will reveal to her beginning and end once I discover her (Sakshi).


Sakshi sees a shower and stands under. Prakashi and Anjali come there all at once. Prakashi sees Sakshi and is shocked. Anjali follows her look and is similarly stunned at the sight. They glance around worriedly. Prakashi and Anjali take a gander at one another. Read more……


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