Scene starts with Purvi says she is only a captive of him so he need not to stress over her and says now she realizes that his opinion on her so he need not to act before her like he is miserable and argues him to leave from that point. She says assuming he will not leave, she will leave. He breaks hearing her and reviews the minutes he imparted to her and leaves from that point without saying anything. She figures she can’t remain with him any longer since he don’t confide in her and chooses to take off from the house and says without paying the cash she can’t leave. Prakashi catches their discussion and smiles.

Purvi reveals to Kids that today she will lay down with them. Children gets energized hearing her and asks what will befall Virendra, will not he miss her. Then again, Virendra misses Purvi and goes to Kids room and carries Purvi to his room. He shows the moon to her and she grins embracing him and says moon looking so excellent today however it ends up being his fantasy. Purvi reviews Virendra’s cruel words and feels she is going overboard in light of the fact that anybody would have thought her subsequent to seeing that video yet Virendra isn’t more interesting and he knows her well overall so he ought to have confided in her.

Prakashi says today everybody goes to shiv sanctuary and wedded lady saves quick for their significant other and they are additionally going there today so she called her to pick dress and gems. She contrasts Virendra and Purvi and God Shiv and Parvati. Purvi says Virendra doesn’t figure her as his better half however she will keep quick to satisfy her obligation of his significant other. Prakashi gives dress and gem to her. Purvi leaves from that point. Anjali inquires as to why she is stressed over Purvi’s quick. Prakashi says colossal group comes to sanctuary today so anything can happen to Purvi. Anjali grins hearing her and says she never saw a lady like her and says Prakashi looks honest however her arrangements are truly perilous. Prakashi reveals to her arrangement to Anjali.

Virendra gets some information about Prakashi and Purvi. Mother says they should be occupied with arrangements. Juhi says Purvi saved quick for Virendra. Virendra thinks this is the opportune chance to persuade Purvi on the grounds that she even saved quick for him. He chooses to save quick for Purvi. Prakashi says they needs to do puja for Sakshi likewise like consistently.

Virendra attempts to converse with Purvi however she says she doesn’t have the opportunity to converse with him. He calls her yet she didn’t pick his call as well. Cavern woman escapes from Bhuri’s home. Virendra arrives at sanctuary with his family. Virendra and Purvi appeals to God for one another’s adoration. Prakashi petitions God to invigorate obliterate Virendra and Purvi’s life. Prakashi sends Purvi to take elements for puja. Virendra says he will go with her since that spot should be loaded up with dimness. Purvi says she will deal with it and Virendra needs to remain here for Sakshi’s puja and leaves from that point. Prakashi thinks Purvi moving towards her demise. Read More…..