Virender frowns at Vaibhav. Vaibhav holds his head faking a cerebral pain and attempts to run yet workers grasp him. Virender gets a stick and starts beating him. Vaibhav folds his hands mentioning for kindness. Mom and Yogi stop Virender some way or another. Virender says slaughtering him won’t compensate for it by the same token. He tosses the stick irately. You ought to be embarrassed about what you did!

I have been approaching everybody with deference till date and you have embarrassed me before the whole town! Vaibhav gets slapped when he attempts to state something. Vaibhav says I dint need to do it however Priyu slapped me twice before my companions. I was unable to take it that a young lady from a town could do that to me! Purvi inquires as to whether a young lady from town has no nobility.

I can’t comprehend why all of you fail to remember that all the young ladies are same. Their experience doesn’t make a difference! She finds out if he has done things another way till date. I continued disclosing to you everything except for you dint trust me! I need to take help of evidences and witnesses each and every time so you can confide in me. You haven’t confided in me till date. Virender cautions her to mind her tongue. I’m the Mukhiya of this town. As a Mukhiya, I can’t confide in anybody based on words as it were. I would require evidence. Read More….