Molkki 23 April 2021 Written Update


She sees their room and heads inside. Sudha is searching for Sakshi. Bhuri is in the hall too. Sakshi contacts the toys on the table. Sudha proceeds with her inquiry. Bhuri sees the entryway of the children’s room open and gets inquisitive. Sakshi sits on the bed holding a toy. A toy falls when Bhuri attempts to close the entryway. Sudha hears the commotion as well. Didi may be inside. She misleads Bhuri that Prakashi is searching for her.

Bhuri goes. Sudha shuts the entryway from inside. It is safe to say that you are fine? Sakshi gestures. Sudha says you realize it isn’t alright for you to walk pretty much anyplace. Kindly don’t leave my hand. Sakshi gestures. Sudha takes her outside.Purvi cries outside. Sudha and Sakshi stroll past her however she doesn’t take note. Anjali and Bhuri drink thandai subtly. Bhuri inquires as to whether she is certain that Virender wont excuse that Molkki ever. Purvi tunes in to their convo. Anjali says it wont occur after what I did.


Bhuri says I don’t comprehend why Virender let her be. Anjali says we arranged everything. I paid somebody to mislead Mama ji that a fire broke out in Sakshi Mill. Mother ji educated Virender and the two of them left to Sakshi Mill. I did half of the work while you wrapped up by giving that letter to me. Bhuri asks her what was composed inside. Anjali reveals to her the discipline that Virender had decided for Purvi. We exchanged her discipline with copying coals all things considered. Purvi is dazed. Bhuri acclaims Anjali on her arranging. Anjali says none of them realize what has occurred. They are misconstruing one another. Purvi can’t tolerate walking on consuming coals while Virender can’t comprehend why it is serious to take 10 rounds of the town as discipline. Purvi understands that this was Bhuri and Anjali’s arrangement. Virender never bamboozled me. He never deceived me. He dint let me be to confront the discipline. He dint need me to stroll on consuming coals. He even sent a note to Panch to lessen my discipline. Excuse me, Kanha ji. I acted wrongly with him. I will address him right away.


Virender requests everybody’s consideration. All the relatives accumulate around. Virender says I need to disclose to you something vital. Spread the word around. Purvi has changed my life totally. Everything feels great since she has come in my life. A lady can light up her man’s life. Bawari has done likewise to me. She has satisfied my every desire and has never allowed me to miss anything. She has dealt with my children like their genuine mother. She hasn’t let them miss their mom. She has been a decent DIL and has taken great consideration of the haveli. Am I right, Ma? Prakashi and Mama ji gesture. Virender says I can’t say thanks to her enough for that. I report that I will give her legitimate spot today. Each lady of the world is valuable.

Calling her Molkki is an affront to ladies. It is against humankind. A lady is a lady. We make her Molkki. At the point when a Molkki can live all relations why should she get those rights too?Virender says each lady will get her due regard in my family. He inquires as to whether he was welcomed in his wedding. The person denies. You dint welcome us. Virender welcomes him and advises him to welcome the whole town to Mukhi and Mukhiyayin’s wedding. Anjali, Prakashi and Bhuri are dazed while every other person is glad. Virender reports that Mukhi and Mukhiyayin will wed once more. Illuminate/welcome every one of the individuals who are absent here. This is an individual greeting from me. He sits on one knee and expands his hand towards Purvi. Might you want to wed Rewari’s Mukhiya?


She grins. Virender says you generally grumble that you are my Molkki and individuals don’t regard you as my better half. I will end this issue for the last time today. You wont be Molkki after today. You will end up being my significant other subsequent to wedding me. You will be Virender Pratap Singh’s significant other. Will you wed me and become Purvi Virender Pratap Singh? Children bounce enthusiastically. If it’s not too much trouble, say yes. Priyu requests that her sister say yes. Virender says you should wed this Kroor Singh, Akdu Singh once more. Will you? Anjali takes a gander at Prakashi.

Purvi gestures and holds Virender’s hands. Everybody applauds with the exception of Anjali, Prakashi and Bhuri. Virender says you will be my significant other for every one of the births now. Purvi embraces him and cries. Virender grins. Sudha is glad for Purvi as well. Virender praises Purvi from his and his family’s side. Purvi applies shading on his cheeks. Congrats to you as well. You satisfied the greatest wish of my life. Virender says you satisfied my desire as well. I said that you will be the first to put tone on me.


I’m absorbed your tones now. It wont fall off forever. Priyu embraces her sister. Congrats. It is safe to say that you are cheerful at this point? Children compliment Purvi and Virender as well. Sudha expresses gratitude toward God for satisfying Purvi’s desire. She relinquishes Sakshi’s hand while saying thanks to God and Sakshi disappears once more. Juhi requests that somebody start the downpour dance.Purvi sees Sudha strolling around carelessly. Where right? I have been searching for you. Sudha asks her where she was.


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