Medical caretaker advises Virender to do it pronto. My wrap is prepared. He assists Purvi with sitting and opens the best 2 catches of her outfit. He turns away. Attendant asks Virender for what good reason he is feeling embarrassed about his better half. Medical caretaker uncovers Purvi’s shoulder and reveals to Virender how to change the wrap. Laal Ishq palays. He abstains himself from taking a gander at her and she turns away also. He does as told and changes her gauze. Medical caretaker advises Virender to do this at home day by day. She has recuperated now. Her injuries wont simply mend that way. You are odd. You acted so abnormally when she was oblivious. You continued pacing outside the OT worriedly, didn’t let any of us rest and you even posed everybody countless inquiries now and again! You are feeling timid before her now! She is your better half. You need to deal with her. She pardons herself.

Purvi takes a gander at Virender. He keep thinking about whether she is an attendant or radio. She said whatever struck a chord! Purvi grins.

Vaibhav gives the DVD’s to Priyu. I know you wont have the option to rest as you are stressed for your sister. Try not to stress over her. She will be fine. Priyu acknowledges the DVD’s and shuts the entryway. I surmise ii misconstrued him before. I currently acknowledge he is a pleasant person as well. Vaibhav thinks he has not perceived what he needs to do this town young lady. She is an enthusiastic young lady! It will be enjoyable!

Next morning, Virender’s Mama, mother, Priyu and the children have come to clinic to take Purvi home. The children embrace her individually and disclose to her accounts. They all grin. Purvi gets released from clinic. Doc advises the family to take great consideration of Purvi. Mom guarantees him about it.

At home, Virender covers Purvi with a duvet. Virender’s mom says the house feels invigorated again since you are back. Manas and Juhi have made welcome cards for Purvi. Manas embraces her and gives her a kiss. Welcome back my companion, elephant! Purvi grins. Juhi gives her a get well before long card. Mom discloses to Purvi that they were more worried for her than them. It would appear that they have become acclimated to you. Virender’s mom advises them to prepare for school. Purvi gets some information about Kallo Tai. Sudha shares that she saw her in the market once. I perceived Kallo Tai’s bangle and followed her later. Flashback is appeared. I came to advise you however Chachi ji disclosed to me that you went outside with Virender. She was attempting to shroud reality in light of the discipline. I saw you from the other room. I even went to Tai’s home to discover reality. I took her firearm when I discovered that she needs to slaughter you. I brought the weapon here to provide for Virender however there were countless monitors here. I concealed it in a compartment. Kallo Tai had discovered the firearm and took it back. I will ensure Virender will praise the passing commemorations of the two his spouses around the same time. Sudha proceeds with that she understood that the weapon was absent. I was coming to disclose to you when that occurred! Virender’s mom says nothing can happen to the ones God need to ensure. Everybody leaves. Purvi is taking a gander at the cards. Virender keeps a cushion behind her head. She grins. Virender grins a little also.

Manas and Juhi are alarming everybody. Anjali is attempting to make Juhi’s plait when Purvi offers to do it. Anjali joyfully concurs. Purvi persuades Manas to prepare too. Virender’s mom advises Purvi to rest. I will ask Anjali to do it. We will oversee it. Purvi says it’s finished. I am worn out on resting. Allow me to accomplish something. You realize the amount I love investing energy with kids. Virender’s mom gestures. You ought to likewise deal with yourself. I will send turmeric milk for you. You can rest for quite a while and afterward get once again without hesitation. She heads to the kitchen. Purvi finds a bill in one of the books. Driver requests Purvi to give the sacks from the children. They are getting late for the school. She tosses the bill in the container. He is mitigated that she dint read it. Purvi sends the children off to class.

Driver bolts the windows and drives past school. He wipes his perspiration.

Dean calls at the landline. Purvi picks the call and presents herself as Manas and Juhi’s mom. He shares that the children have missed school for about fourteen days. We haven’t got any application all things considered. We will rusticate them. She shares that she has recently sent them to class. He encourages her to discover where they are at the present time. This is more awful than missing school. Purvi gets strained. Priyu brings medication for Purvi. She runs and illuminates Virender’s mom about the discussion. Where are they going at that point? Anjali mumbles to Jyoti. They are tricking us at quite a youthful age! Virender’s mom trusts Virender wont discover anything. Purvi says we wont reveal to him anything till the time we discover the total truth. Vaibhav asks her how they will get some answers concerning the children. Purvi asks Vaibhav to give driver’s number to her. Driver overlooks Vaibhav’s calls. Purvi advises him to continue calling him. Driver gets it at long last. Vaibhav reproves him. Driver comes up with a rationalization. Purvi gets some information about the children. He lies that he dropped them in school. Purvi closes the call. Where are they in the event that they are not in school? I will go to class and check. Virender’s mom advises her against it however Purvi calls them her obligation. Priyu offers to accompany her. Virender’s mom sends Vaibhav with them.

The retailer tells driver he was cautioned as of now however they wont save you in the event that they discover reality. Driver discusses his weakness. The person says I will likewise be stuck in the event that you are gotten as well.

Purvi asks Headmaster for what reason they weren’t educated before. Director says we have been sending correspondence to Virender however to no end. Nobody came to class in the previous 5 years. We were unable to state anything prior as Virender is the Mukhiya however it is sufficient at this point. We should rusticate the children!