Virendra and his body of workers reaches the wedding venue with guns and breaks all of the matters and wonders that wherein is all of us. Priest informs Virendra that Chaudhary modified the wedding venue at stop moment. Virendra wonders that who knowledgeable Chaudhary approximately his arrival. Chaudhary recollects that how Purvi requested him to alternate the wedding venue.

Purvi and Kids receives prepared to wait Nanthini’s marriage. Virendra orders his body of workers to locate the wedding venue. Priest asks that who will do ‘kanyadhaan’. Purvi tells him that she can be able to do Nanthini’s ‘kanyadhaan’. Juhi and Manas hugs Nanthini and tells her that Purvi went in opposition to Virendra. Priest asks Purvi that who’s she to Nanthini. She tells him that she is Nanthini’s mother.