Molkki 22 January 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi asks Vaibhav how much will he lie. Priyu isn’t that way. It would be ideal if you confide in me. Virender says how about we acknowledge this briefly yet for what reason did Priyu go to his room alone. Priyu discloses to him that Jyoti asked her for help.

I went there to help fix her garments. Jyoti and Anjali take a gander at one another. Jyoti gestures at her sister. Priyu adds that Vaibhav was at that point there. for what reason will I go there alone? Jyoti calls her a liar. Try not to drag me in this dramatization! Priyu reveals to her not to lie but rather Purvi advises her to leave it alone. I realized that she wont concur in any case.


Workers are searching for Radhika. They ask Bhuri however she hasn’t seen Radhika all things considered. Bhrui thinks about what occurred. Workers see a shut entryway and check inside. They locate Radhika’s dead body in the room. Her throat has been cut. Read More…


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