Manas and Juhi point slingshots at the visitors and hit them with the blossoms. They shroud when the visitors turn. Priyu gets hit next time. They run higher up for the dread of getting captured. She stands up to them. Would it be a good idea for me to whine to your mom? Who is your mom? Purvi says I am her mom. Mention to me what occurred. Priyu pivots. They are shocked to see one another and share an embrace. The two of them get enthusiastic. Purvi gets some information about everybody. Priyu says I am fine. You? Purvi gestures. They embrace once more.

Virender’s mom advises the visitors to plunk down for the puja. She requests that a woman come in too. She has covered her face totally.

Priyu discloses to her sister everything. Purvi solaces her. Priyu asks her for what valid reason Anjali dint let her meet her last time. Purvi guarantees her that she will ask her. Anjali says I will reveal to you myself. She concocts another reason and winds up enlightening Priyu concerning Purvi’s discipline. Nobody trusts me in any case. She leaves. Priyu talks gravely about Anjali. Better not trust her or Vaibhav. She discloses to Purvi what had occurred.

Vaibhav and his companions are sitting in one room. They ask Vaibhav if his story progressed or not. They talk about his standing. Vaibhav will not allow them to deride him once more. I will show them that she is powerless to resist me. He challenges them.

Sudha asks a worker where the milk compartments are kept. The worker shakes his head. she gets some information about Purvi however she has no clue.

Priyu reveals to Purvi that Vaibhav held her by her midsection. I even slapped him to ensure he will never do it with another person again! Purvi says I never imagined that he will be this way. He is by all accounts a pleasant person. Virender’s mom asks Purvi on the off chance that she got her shock. Purvi gestures. You might have disclosed to me before. Virender’s mom says I would not have had the option to see you this cheerful in the event that I had let you know. She requests that they come down the stairs with her. Bhuri discloses to Priyu that Sudha is calling her. Priyu consents to go along with them as quickly as possible. Virender’s mom advises her to carry Sudha with her. Read Full….