Episode starts offevolved with Juhi asks Purvi that can’t they attend Nanthini’s marriage. Purvi tells her that she isn’t always information that what to do due to the fact Virendra is irritated now. Juhi asks her to tell Virendra that Kids need to wait Nanthini’s marriage then he’ll deliver permission for certain. Purvi tells her that concept is right however she isn’t always certain that Virendra will pay attention her. She hears Sudha’s voice and asks Kids to play then leaves the room. Veer tells Sudha that he wishes her assist and takes her to his room and suggests the jewels to her pronouncing that he isn’t always information that what to present Nanthini for her marriage. She alternatives one jewel.

Purvi asks maid approximately Sudha and learns that Sudha went to Veer’s room with him and wonders that why Sudha went to Veer’s room. Veer asks Sudha to put on that necklace and tells her that it’s searching properly on her and he’ll deliver it to Nanthini this one only. Purvi comes there and takes Sudha from there. Veer thinks that he’ll attend Nanthini’s marriage irrespective of what. Sudha tells Purvi that the latter need to attend Nanthini’s marriage to win her heart.

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Virendra thinks that he thoroughly is aware of approximately Chaudhary however due to his candy phrases all of us thinks that he is right guy and irrespective of what he won’t allow them to wreck Nanthini’s life. Purvi comes there and he yells at her pronouncing that he won’t speak to her. Chaudhary’s body of workers visits Virendra’s residence and offers candies and marriage invitation card to Virendra. Virendra tears the cardboard and asks them to tell Chaudhary that this marriage won’t happen. Purvi thinks that she has no concept that what Virendra will do to forestall the wedding.

Aarav and Nanthini receives prepared. Nanthini receives glad seeing Veer. Veer teases her then offers present to her. Nanthini likes it and thank you him for coming. Purvi additionally comes there and Nanthini receives irritated seeing her and asks her that what the latter doing there. Purvi tells her to put off the wedding for few days due to the fact Virendra may also do something in anger. Nanthini asks her that why he need to ruin her happiness.

Aarav asks her that why Virendra isn’t always information that he loves Nanthini a lot and while his father can take delivery of their dating forgetting the enmity then why can’t Virendra do the same. Nanthini tells him that Virendra is egocentric and he don’t care approximately others and if Sakshi became right here then she might have stopped Virendra. Read More……..