Molkki 21 April 2021 Written Update

Yogi attempts to apply shading on his sibling’s face to stamp the event however Virender stops him. He takes a gander at Purvi. Nobody will apply shading to me. Mother ji says today is Holi. Have some thandai. Virender is hesitant however Yogi demands him. A little glass wont hit you. Virender takes a gander at Purvi. There is no significance of intoxication and a good time for me, particularly not on this Holi. He leaves. Purvi pulls it together. I can’t get feeble. I should leave before it gets past the point of no return. Virender approaches Purvi. Ponder your choice and this family. She says I would prefer not to. I don’t pull out from my choices like you. I don’t have that ability like you. Presently nobody can drive me to stay here as a Molkki, neither you nor your words. She leaves. Virender drinks bhang/thandai.Purvi sees Virender drinking bhang. Mother ji and Prakashi see him as well. Mom ji advises Virender to stop. Prakashi says he never drank it. He has sugar as well. He will become sick. Purvi asks Virender for what reason he is drinking when everybody is advising him to stop. For what reason would you say you are attempting to harmed yourself? She attempts to take the glass from him however he asks her how it is important to her. You are leaving my family, my home in any case. You better leave now. Why show this worry at that point? Who are to stop me? Who right? Purvi says I am your better half. She takes the glass from him. He giggles. Spouse? You are the spouse who will leave my children, me and this family behind over a trivial issue! Which spouse does that? I’m the most exceedingly terrible individual alive according to you! You should leave me alone or you will likewise become like me! We will be in an ideal situation without one another! He leaves while throwing a mini tantrum. Mom ji discloses to Purvi all will be great. She wipes her tears and reasons herself. Prakashi smirks.Anjali approaches Sakshi. She taps at Sakshi’s shoulder. Sakshi pivots however her face is totally spread with shading. Sudha sees them together and halts abruptly. Flashback shows Sudha spreading Sakshi’s face with colors prior to taking her higher up. Anjali asks Sakshi what her identity is. What are you doing here? Sudha says she is my cousin sister. I thought to bring her here on Holi. Anjali gestures. What are you doing here? Sudha says she had bhang so I brought her here to chill off. Anjali advises her to deal with her and goes. Sudha hurls a murmur of alleviation. I will take Didi back inside before another person can see her. She reveals to Sakshi they should get back to the cell now. I realize you abhor being there and neither does Purvi yet we have no choice for the present. We will be in a difficult situation on the off chance that somebody sees you. They head dowmstairs.Virender is playing dhol. Everybody assembles around him. Virender approaches Purvi. She is my significant other. He asks Mama ji who Purvi is. Mother ji says spouse. Virender says she is my significant other and her Tau is the bone in my neck. He is after my life.

He shows her every one of some unacceptable things! She can’t get anything however and discusses letting me be! She isn’t embarrassed about saying that. Juhi and Manas attempt to apply shading to him however he cautions them against it. I will allow you to do it just when Purvi will. She will be the first to do it. That is the point at which I will allow you to apply it as well. He continues playing dhol. Everybody applauds along. Virender is singing a tune and he continues to circle around Purvi. Prakashi vapor seeing them investigating each other’s eyes.


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Purvi leaves when a person welcomes her and applies shading on her cheeks. Virender sees it. He slaps the person. How could you apply shading to Mukhiyayin? He is sorry to Virender. I saw everybody wishing her deferentially so I did that as well. Virender cautions her that nobody can apply shading to Mukhiyayin. The person requests pardoning. Mother ji acts the hero. He advises Virender to quiet down. It is Holi. Purvi takes Virender aside.Virender is sitting in the nursery.


Purvi’s words reverberation in his mind. He sees Purvi playing with the children. He envisions Sakshi sitting close to him, grinning at him. He takes a gander at Purvi in disarray. Sakshi says at whatever point you are in a difficult situation and can’t think unmistakably, close your eyes. You will discover your answer. Virender says I can close my eyes ordinarily yet how might I answer her inquiries. Read more…….


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