Sakshi tells Virender now no longer to wipe his tears. Let them flow. You will sense higher then. He tells her to depart him by myself. I don’t need to speak to anyone. Sakshi says you had been by myself for the reason that beyond few days anyways. I recognise we don’t percentage the relation of affection anymore however I am nonetheless your friend. You can percentage your ache with me. I can not fill Purvi’s region however I can virtually fill in as a friend. Share your ache with me. You will sense higher.

Purvi sings lullaby for Juhi and Manas. She gets a textual content from Arjun. I can be attaining soon. Hope the youngsters are asleep and you’re prepared. She heads to the kitchen. Arjun’s phrases echo in her head. She alternatives up a knife angrily. She sits at the mattress maintaining the knife. I will kill him with this knife if he’ll attempt to pressure himself on me. She hides the knife at the back of

her lower back as she hears the sound of footsteps. Arjun walks in and eliminates his coat. He leans toward Purvi. He alternatives up his pillow and blanket leaving her surprised. She asks him wherein he’s going. He tells her that he is aware of what to advantage and while. I will compel you to return back to me. I wont pressure you for anything. Just wait until then. I am off to different room. Happy Suhagraat. He smirks as he steps outside. Purvi heaves a sigh of relief.
Sakshi tells Virender to sleep. Virender shakes his head. I ought to discover the reality now. Why did Bawri take that step? She can not marry Arjun. I ought to discover why she did that. Sakshi says she stated that she loves Arjun and that’s why she married him. Virender says she best loves one individual on this global and that’s me. She need to be pressured to take one of these step. I need to recognise her cause now. She could have regarded me in the attention if she did love Arjun however she became warding off searching me in my eyes all alongside. It method that she became mendacity to me. she can not go away me or my youngsters like this. There became some thing that she couldn’t inform me. She became hiding some thing from me. I wont be capable of sleep peacefully until the time I discover that out. Sakshi indicates him to discover the reality if he’s so sure. He nods. She tells him that Navratre are staring from tomorrow. Pray to Mata Rani to discover her cause asap. You have to sleep now. Virender leaves.

Next morning, Purvi and the youngsters are doing puja in Arjun’s residence whilst Sakshi, Prakashi and Anjali do puja withinside the haveli. Virender comes for the puja as well. Purvi prays for electricity to stand Arjun and to punish him for his misdeeds. Show me a manner to keep myself from him. Virender additionally prays to discover the reality at the back of Arjun’s action. Give me the electricity to get Purvi and youngsters out of this trouble and convey them domestic safely. Sakshi tells Virender now no longer to worry. Nothing will appear to Purvi and the youngsters. He asks her how she located out that he’s considering Bawri.

Arjun takes aarti from the puja thaal. I am going out for work. I can be lower back soon. Don’t attempt to act clever or it may cost you.

Sakshi says I recognise what you’re wondering after searching at your face. I recognise that you’ll pray for Purvi today. Prakashi and Anjali ask them to return back for breakfast if they may be completed speakme approximately Purvi.

Purvi attempts to move interior Arjun’s room however it’s miles locked. She makes use of her hairpin to open the door. It is my flip to discover Arjun’s weak point to train him a lesson. She browses via his matters and papers however does now no longer discover anything. How will I lure him now and get out of this mess? She hits the drawer whilst disappointed and a document drops. She realises that it wasn’t there earlier. She notices the tape above it. It could have been chipped above. She reads the object which mentions that Arjun’s license became revoked years ago. He cheated courtroom docket and all of us. She reads the call of Radhika Ahuja. Purvi continues the whole thing in region and leaves the room. She sends a textual content to Radhika Ahuja and asks her to touch her asap. She realizes that the custody papers made with the aid of using Arjun are baseless now. He has no proper at the youngsters now. I actually have located his weak point. Let me meet Radhika once. I will train you (Arjun) a lesson then and you’ll be punished.

Virender tells Sakshi to percent Prasad for Purvi and youngsters. I am going to fulfill them. I will deliver it to them. She nods.

Purvi is looking forward to Radhika’s reply. She gets Radhika’s textual content simply then and calls her. She asks Radhika approximately Arjun. Radhika calls him fraud. He made all of the proofs and evidences disappear in the course of my case however I located out the whole thing in time and uncovered him. I were given his license cancelled. How can I overlook him? Purvi tells her approximately her situation. I am concerned approximately my youngsters. I need to reveal his actual face to the global. Radhika tells her to combat this struggle on her own. It’s been too long. I don’t need to look that man once more. Purvi requests her to fulfill her at four pm in Rewari marketplace today. It is ready my youngsters. I will await you. She lowers her telecellsmartphone while Arjun enters. He asks her who she became speakme to. Why is the door closed? Purvi lies that she became speakme to Sakshi ji. She calls Radhika Sakshi and concurs to fulfill her in Rewari marketplace at four pm. She ends the name. She tells Arjun it will likely be an excellent extrade for the youngsters. He comes to a decision to return back alongside and leaves. Purvi wonders the way to meet Radhika if Arjun will tag alongside.

Virender meets Juhi and Manas. He offers them halwa. Juhi stocks that haathi did Mata Rani’s puja withinside the morning. She will take us to marketplace withinside the evening. It can be decorated. Manas asks him to return back as well. We may have a laugh there. Virender concurs and sends them interior. Virender tells Purvi to be prepared to reply his each query withinside the evening.

Purvi and Arjun come to marketplace with the youngsters. Arjun offers ice cream to Manas and Juhi. They are glad approximately it and inform Purvi. She smiles at them however is concerned as to wherein Radhika is. Arjun asks her what she wants. She says nothing. Kids ask Arjun for sweet floss. He takes them there. Virender is looking them from a ways and follows Purvi quietly. Purvi receives a name and excuses herself. Arjun tells her to return back lower back quickly. Virender covers Purvi’s mouth as he pulls her aside. Don’t shout. I actually have to mention some thing essential to you. Why did you mislead me? why did you marry that cheater? She lies to him once more with the aid of using warding off searching him withinside the eyes however he refuses to simply accept it. Tell me the reality. How can you adore 2 human beings at once? What’s compelling you? Why did you’re taking one of these large step? She calls it her will. I married him as I love him. He makes her examine him. You can communicate the reality with the aid of using searching into my eyes. She tells him to suppose some thing he wants. This is the reality though. He stops her from going. He continues her hand on his head. Say it now which you love Arjun. You will see me useless in case you lie now. Tears flow down her cheeks as she movements her hand away. Please don’t do this. It is the reality. He tells her now no longer to lie. I can nonetheless restoration the whole thing. Tell me why you probably did this. She will become emotional and holds his hand. He asks her to talk up. What did Arjun say to you which you needed to take one of these large step? Arjun calls out to Purvi simply then.

Virender calls Daksh. Is your Nani right here? Daksh nods. Virender reminds him that they must have dinner with him tomorrow. Daksh consents.

Manas and Juhi request Virender now no longer to ship them to hostel. We might be top. Virender tells them that that is the fine college of Delhi. You gets to recognise lots many stuff other than research right here. Manas asks him if he might have despatched them to hostel if haathi became there. Juhi additionally asks him to answer. Virender hugs them. This is a superb college and has superb teachers. They will take superb care of you that’s why I were given you admitted right here. Manas prays to haathi’s Kanha ji. Please ship haathi lower back. Baba wont ever ship us to hostel if she comes lower back. Come lower back, haathi. Where are you?

Purvi, Daksh and Chandni are on their manner to the college.

Veer, Virender, Manas and Juhi also are on their manner to college.

Daksh notices Purvi concerned. Are you nervous? She denies. I am concerned approximately Nani. What if she reveals out approximately our drama? She proposed getting us engaged in an afternoon or two. Hope you apprehend that I wont be capable of do it. He tells her to depart it on him. Focus handiest to your interview.

Juhi and Manas are searching out of the window sadly. Their automobile is at a pink light. Daksh stops his automobile subsequent to theirs. Kids appearance on apparently toward the female in passenger seat in Daksh’s automobile.

Daksh tells Purvi now no longer to fear approximately the interview. I am the trustee of that college after all. She calls him cartoon. I don’t need this activity due to your advice however via way of means of my tough work. Chandni encourages her. Purvi smiles. She turns her head round however a automobile stops among Virender and their automobile simply then. Manas and Juhi aren’t capable of see her face. Light turns green. The automobile, which became among Daksh and Virender’s automobile, moves. Purvi and children appearance toward every different.