Episode starts offevolved with Purvi tells Virendra that if he isn’t capable of sleep then she can be able to sing a lullaby for him and begins offevolved making a song lullaby. He tells her that his head paining loads so she is going to take balm for him. Meanwhile Nanthini gets someone’s name and leaves the mansion after writing a letter. Aarav selections her from mansion. Next day, Veer attempts turban withinside the market.

Anjali and Priyashi buys greens there. Sudha sees Veer and tells him that he is asking like Virendra in turban and she or he forces him to shop for turban and he buys turban for her too and makes her put on it then clicks her picture. Anjali sees them and instigates Priyashi in opposition to Sudha and tells her that Veer turns into Mukhiya after Virendra and God gave every other danger to her to turn out to be a Mukhiyani however Sudha coming in among her and Veer.

On the opposite hand, Purvi is going to Nanthini’s room and shocks seeing the letter and reads it. She learns that Nanthini left the residence and receives concerned questioning that how Virendra will react after getting to know approximately it. Then she informs him approximately it. He tells her Chaudhary and Aarav trapped Nanthini of their plan however he isn’t knowledge that why Nanthini isn’t knowledge their plan and tells her that they crossed the boundaries so he must deliver lower back Nanthini from Chaudhary’s residence earlier than they destroys her existence and attempts to stand.

She asks him to now no longer rise up and tells him that he compelled Nanthini to take this choice and his anger is chargeable for the whole lot. He warns her to now no longer blame him due to the fact it’s now no longer his mistake. She tells him that Chaudhary become equipped to neglect about their enmity however it’s him who insulted Chaudhary and he even broke Nanthini’s heart. He tells her that Nanthini can’t live satisfied in Chaudhary’s residence that’s why he refused for the wedding and informs her approximately Chaudhary’s wrongdoings.

She tells him that Aarav is a great man and Nanthini loves him a lot and asks him to agree for his or her marriage and reminds him that Nanthini is an grownup so she will be able to take choice for herself. He tells her that he won’t permit Chaudhary and Aarav to play with Nanthini’s existence irrespective of what. Read more……..