Next morning, Virender awakens with a substantial head. Sakshi brings lemon water for him. Virender says my head and heart are hefty. He drinks it. I don’t have the foggiest idea why I drank such a lot of last evening. Did I do anything last night thereafter? I can’t recall what I did a while later. Sakshi says what happened yesterday shouldn’t have truly occurred. She mentions to him what happened last evening. Vipul discovered that Purvi loves Virender Pratap Singh, not Vipul. Virender inquires as to whether Vipul wont (wed Bawri).

Sakshi says he will wed Purvi. I appeased him. His heart and confidence was broken however I have guaranteed him that things will change after marriage. Purvi will adore him gradually and slowly. Advise me sincerely on the off chance that you will allow this to happen easily or not. Wont you make any quarrel till the wedding? Virender guarantees her. I need to conclude the separation first. I will take her marks on the papers. No issue will result then, at that point. He gets the papers and goes to Purvi’s room.

Purvi is surprised to see Virender at the entryway. Is it true that you are fine? He gestures. What I did last night in your Sangeet wasn’t right. Excuse me if conceivable. She inquires as to whether conceivable. I was unable to help you. I will leave in couple of hours, leaving behind every one of the guarantees. Virender says the connection that should keep going for births will end in a couple of hours. You will end up being Vipul’s Purvi soon. The connection what began with papers (cash) will end on these papers! Read More….