Anjali pursues away making Manas fall. Purvi advises Priyu to stand by there, she will rapidly proceed to check Manas. She is stunned seeing bits of glasses. Manas is cyring. She takes Manas to do the guide. She asks how could he tumble down? He says somebody pushed him, when he turned around, nobody was there. She ponders who it very well may be and feels something isn’t right.

Opposite side, Anjali and Jyoti offer chloroform to Priyu and puts her sleeping. They, alongside a worker woman, take Priyu in a room. Anjali requests that Jyoti wear her garments, gems and prepare much the same as her. Jyoti is concerned reasoning imagine a scenario in which they get captured. Virender won’t extra her in the event that he discovers Jyoti supplanted Priyu. Anjali reveals to her not to stress over that. Jyoti prepares. Anjali secures Priyu a pantry and says they should take Jyoti

to mandap.

Purvi is bringing kids down. She ponders where Priyu vanished. She sees Anjali and the worker taking the lady to mandap. She requests that they pause, however they keep strolling. Purvi finds a woman and falls in Virender’s arms. He says she continues to figure out how to fall before him. She says she was simply attempting to reach mandap quick. He says it’s not her marriage. She says, not hers, but rather her sister’s. Her mangalsutra stalls out in his sherwani. He moves her hair while she attempts to isolate. He says her hair is so muddled, she will go that way? He fixes her hair. She says will she go at this point? She strolls. He snatches her hand and stops her. He says, no, stand by. She inquires as to why he halted now? He says, so they will go together.

Anjali makes the lady/Jyoti sit next to Vaibhav and discloses to him unobtrusively that she oversaw everything. Priyu awakens and shouts for help. Purvi was passing puja’s thaal. Oil drops on the lady of the hour’s hand. Purvi says she will take the lady higher up to get her hands washed. Anjali attempts to stop, yet fizzles.

Soon after, Purvi returns with the lady. Pandit asks who will do Kanyadan. Purvi says Virender will. Virender says, Purvi will likewise do alongside him. The two of them plunk down to do Kanyadan. Vaibhav and the lady of the hour defend pheras (7 rounds). Virender tosses blossoms on Purvi. She thinks back. He says she came in the manner. Presently it’s mangalsutra time. Anjali is extremely upbeat. Pandit requests that Vaibhav fill sindhoor in lady’s temple. Shroud moves and it’s Priyu under the cover. Anjali is stunned. Opposite side, Jyoti emerges from the cabinet. Vaibhav freezes. Virender requests that he fill her maang. He does it. Everybody applauds. Anjali indignantly takes a gander at Purvi. She goes to her and asks how she managed Jyoti and where is she. Purvi says same spot where Piryu was. Anjali runs.Flashback: Purvi reviews not seeing the tabiz in lady of the hour’s hand when she descended. She comprehended it’s not Priyu. So she intentionally dropped the thaal/oil on the lady’s hand, so she gets a reason to take the lady of the hour higher up. Anjali comes to Jyoti and asks how this occurred? Jyoti says Purvi did this. At the point when they came to room, she eliminated her cloak. She extorted her adage she will uncover her before Virender. Jyoti took Purvi to store room where they concealed Priyu. They exchanged the lady of the hour once more. Jyoti cries saying this occurred with her. Anjali also cries.

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