Scene starts with Purvi advises Virendra to converse with her and says he is maintaining a strategic distance from her since morning. He says he doesn’t have anything to converse with her. She says she realizes that she did misstep and she ought not have carried on that way yesterday night however he realizes that she was not in her sense and says she feels awful for her conduct.

He says it was not her misstep but rather her emotions. She says she didn’t had any desire to drink liquor however seems like somebody spiked her juice and says she is coming clean just requests that he trust her. He says they are discussing two distinct issue. She says isn’t he irate in light of the fact that she drink liquor yesterday. He asks doesn’t she recall that anything which happened yesterday night.

She says she truly don’t recollect that anything and today morning Sudha just mentioned to her what occurred in the gathering and expresses gratitude toward him for saving her life. He asks doesn’t she recollect that whatever else. She asks what else she did. He says she admitted her sentiments to him and says she said that she adores him and in any event, sing a tune for him. She stuns hearing him at that point begins to chuckle.

He takes a gander at her peculiarly. She asks how might he paid attention to her discussions when she was not in her sense and says she regards him however she doesn’t adore him. She says since he is her significant other that is not mean he should be her affection as well. She says she will cherish the individual who is equivalent to her age not equivalent to her Uncle’s age. He says he is happy that she advised everything to him and moves to opposite side of the porch. He feels terrible reviewing Purvi’s words. Purvi sees Vaibhav’s vehicle and marvels from where he is coming right now. Children comes there and says they just bolted the entryway and asks them that they become companions or not.

Virendra says they will be companions just until the end of time. Purvi addresses Vaibhav. He says little mishap occurred. She feels something is off-putting unquestionably and checks the vehicle and understands that he deceived her since it’s not appear to be a little mishap.

She gets Priyu’s journal and peruses Priyu’s message which says she fears Vaibhav in light of the fact that she feels like he may kill her whenever. She calls the Aunt who lives close to her home and gets some information about Priyu and her folks. Auntie says everybody went to sanctuary and separates the call.

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