Virender and Purvi share an eye lock. She begins chuckling. I wont go anyplace. I will sit here. you neither brought a red rose nor a card for me. I dint even get a red inflatable. You for sure are Krur Singh. He vows to enhance the stay with red inflatables tomorrow. Get up at this point. She can’t. Plunk down with me. Virender gets her on his shoulders.

She calls him khadoos, krur singh and adversary of affection. I need rose immediately. He causes her to sit in the secondary lounge yet she ventures out from the contrary side. She won’t go anyplace till he brings those things for her. She heads back inside however he stops her. I will bring a rose for you. Stay here. He picks an inflatable and bouquet for her. We should return home at this point. She says Main Kya Karun Ram Mujhe Buddha Mil Gaya. He says you are flushed at this moment or I would have

revealed to you who is youthful and who is old. She grins. What is so unique today? Do you know anything about Valentine Day? He asks her what she is saying in English. She discloses to him. Concede your affection. That is the thing that each sweetheart does today. He requests that she return home at this point. It is sufficient. I’m not ready to get anything. Purvi sits on her knee and holds the bouquet for him. Pyaare, akdu mukhiya ji, this is for you. She gestures at him reassuringly. He holds her hand as she begins feeling lethargic. He holds her nearby. She says I love you to him in his ears. Virender gets genuine. Purvi lays her head on his shoulder.Next morning, Purvi is resting on the bed while Virender is dozing on the floor. Purvi awakens. Who dropped me home? It should be Sudha. I can’t remember anything. For what reason is Mukhi ji dozing on the floor when I got his sleeping cushion here? She opens the draperies however it is excessively splendid outside. Virender moves a bit. Purvi holds up traffic of the light. He looks so sweet while resting. She approaches him and prods him by playing find the stowaway with the light. Virender awakens. He is alarmed to see her and sits up. She asks him for what reason he rested on the floor. He lies that he encountered torment in the evening. Your sleeping pad is pointless. She says this was fine couple of days prior. What happened unexpectedly? He reviews what she had said to him an evening or two ago and excuses the subject by one way or another. You say whatever strikes a chord. Leave it alone. He goes. Purvi thinks I committed an error by awakening him. He was thundering at me in the morning.Purvi will beware of the children when she catches that Vaibhav is searching for his visa. She contemplates whether he is attempting to dispose of Priyu. Virender’s mom requests that Purvi help them discover Vaibhav’s visa. Purvi asks Vaibhav for what valid reason he needs it unexpectedly. He lies that he is attempting to begin another business and necessities to submit it with the docs. Virender’s mom goes to check in her cabinet and Vaibhav goes to check in the vehicle. Children come to meet Purvi. She requests that they help her discover Vaibhav’s visa. They can’t discover it all things considered. Purvi sees blood on Manas’ finger. How did this occur? She sends the children first floor and looks under the bed. She discovers blood stamps under. Vaibhav strolls in. She asks him how this came here. He fakes obliviousness. She advises him to tell the truth with her. whose blood is this? Vaibhav’s mom returns. It isn’t in my room all things considered. You probably lost it. She sees blood on Purvi’s hand. Purvi advises her. Her MIL says a rodent should have kicked the bucket. Proceed to offer tea to Virender. Vaibhav and Purvi take a gander at one another. Purvi leaves.Virender requests that driver drive quick. Driver asks him where they are headed toward. Virender says simply cruise all over. We aren’t going anyplace specifically. Driver gestures. Virender thinks what Bawari said wasn’t right. I may have spoiled her a great deal and gave her a couple of rights on me. It doesn’t imply that I have begun cherishing her. She may have felt that for reasons unknown. It isn’t right. She is mixed up on the off chance that she believes that I love her. I have just cherished Sakshi till date. Nobody can have her spot.

Purvi welcomes Karan hello. Karan inquires as to whether she isn’t content with what occurred in the previous few days. Do you need us to affront you more? She discusses beginning anew. I’m upset for what happned in the previous few days. You were just ragging me as a senior. Karan says I pardon you. She requests that he have juice with her. I will at that point imagine that you have excused me. Karan concurs. How about we go. She brings it for him and pours the juice all over him. He inquires as to whether she has lost her psyche. She says I trust you delighted in it. Karan pledges to render retribution. She advises him to do anything he desires to later. Proceed to put on something else first. They will be stained like your heart in any case. He leaves seeming a bit piqued. Scarcely any understudies mock him. Purvi shuts the restroom entryway when he heads inside and keeps a work in advancement board outside. Stay there throughout the day now. You completed precisely what you needed to me.Virender thinks Bawari is after me. How would I reveal to her that I feel abnormal since she conceded her affection to me? I can’t look at her without flinching from that point forward. He sees the porch entryway and chooses to go higher up. She wont come there. Children notice him going higher up and send Purvi higher up on the appearance of bringing something for them. They high five. Children lock the entryway from outside. Juhi reveals to Manas she saw it in a film that two individuals who have issues are secured a room. They wind up talking and figuring out their disparities thusly.

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