Molkki 17 March 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Virendra was reviewing how Karan spread cake all over. One woman comes there and says he is truly fortunate that is the reason he got a young lady like Purvi who is lovely, youthful and adult and leaves from that point. Karan comes there and says Virendra is truly fortunate like that old woman said and says he even feels desirous seeing him in some cases and says he can successfully get a spouse like Purvi. Virendra blows up and asks what he implied. Karan says he is simply lauding Purvi that is it. Virendra advises him to not utter a word else he will not stop for a second to beat him before everybody and says he is only an undesirable visitor. Karan says one extraordinary individual welcomed him for the gathering and takes a gander at Prakashi however Virendra sees Purvi. Karan says cake was truly scrumptious. Virendra holds his collar and cautions him to not let out the slightest peep.

Anjali declares that she and children arranged uncommon video for Purvi. Virendra considers what children made. In video, Juhi and Manas says they adores Purvi so much and everybody wishes Purvi in that video. Projector screen gets clear. Prakashi asks what happened now. Anjali takes a gander at her. Juhi requests to play the clasp. Everybody stuns seeing the personal snapshot of Purvi and Karan. Purvi closes Juhi and Manas’ eyes. Mother requests to stop this maxim this is garbage. Virendra breaks the projector. Purvi says she didn’t do anything.


Anjali charges Purvi and says she annihilated Virendra’s regard before everybody and inquires as to why she did this and asks how might she do this when she is hitched young lady. She says on the off chance that Purvi needed to do this with Karan, she ought to have left Virendra first and says Purvi sold out Virendra. Mother requests that Anjali stop. Anjali says Purvi failed to remember that she is Virendra’s better half. Purvi argues her to listen her and says nothing occurred among her and Karan. She says Karan will come clean and searches him however he isn’t there.


She advises Virendra to trust her and goes to Prakashi and requests that she trust her. She advises Virendra to come clean with everybody that she is telling. He slaps her and she falls on the floor. He cautions her to not touch him. Prakashi says Purvi is his significant other. Virendra says he saw everything in the clasp and leaves from that point. She argues him to listen her once and cries. Prakashi and Anjali grins seeing that.

Prakashi was eating sweet. Anjali says Prakashi’s arrangement worked. Prakashi says Virendra and Purvi will endure more. Virendra reviews what all occurred among Purvi and Karan and furthermore reviews how she disclosed to him that she will not cherish him however will adore an individual who is equivalent to her age. Purvi cries reviewing Virendra’s words. Juhi and Manas admonishes Virendra and says they will not converse with him from here on out. Purvi advises them to not say this way. Children comforts Purvi. Read More….


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