Episode starts with Chaudhary tells Virendra that the latter throw him out of the village however quickly the latter will invite him to his residence with recognize and talks approximately Nanthini and Aarav’s courting. Virendra tells him that the latter can’t grow to be Mukhiya of this village and Nanthini won’t permit him face humiliation due to the fact she is his blood and asks him to inform Aarav to live farfar from Nanthini and leaves from there.

Purvi talks to herself pronouncing that Virendra doing incorrect with the aid of using bringing his competition among Aarav and Nanthini’s love. Virendra comes there and asks her that what’s she murmuring. She tells him that her husband isn’t always listening her. He tells her that his temper is off already due to Chaudhary and informs her approximately his warning. She tells him that the latter and Chaudhary must communicate with every different to complete this competition. He asks her to now no longer take Nanthini’s facet and it’ll have an effect on their courting and leaves from there.

Nanthini learns approximately Virendra and Chaudhary’s combat from Aarav. Aarav informs her that Chaudhary even requested him to live farfar from her. She make an apology to him on behalf of Virendra. He tells her that he can recognize that and he can’t stay with out her. She tells him that she can be able to meet him and that they must marry these days then nobody can separate them. Virendra hears her and warns her to now no longer depart the residence. Nanthini tells him that she won’t concentrate him.

He tells her that Aarav trapping her in his love so Chaudhary can take revenge from him and he isn’t always her enemy. She tells him that she might choose to stay in his enemy’s residence than his residence. He asks her to move internal. She pushes him and huge flower wash falls on his leg. Purvi and Veer allows him. Virendra asks Nanthini to now no longer depart however she ignores him and leaves the residence.

After a few time, Doctor informs Purvi that it’s airline fracture and Virendra desires to take relaxation for 2-three weeks and indicates him to do election arrangements in wheelchair leaves from there. Virendra receives involved for Nanthini. Purvi asks him to take relaxation pronouncing that she can be able to communicate to Nanthini.

Aarav takes Nanthini to his residence and tells her that he’ll marry her definitely. Purvi reaches there and comes to a decision to move internal to analyze that what’s Chaudhary’s opinion approximately Nanthini and Aarav’s love. She covers her face with veil and enters the mansion pronouncing that she is rub down girl of Chaudhary’s spouse.

Aarav introduces Nanthini to his dad and mom. Chaudhary’s spouse compliments Nanthini. Chaudhary accepts Nanthini and Aarav’s love and he won’t permit his and Virendra’s competition have an effect on their courting. He tells her that he’ll communicate to Virendra approximately their marriage tomorrow. Purvi overhears their communication and thinks that Chaudhary appears top individual and Virendra must be given Nanthini and Aarav’s courting and leaves from there. Read More……….