Molkki 17 February 2021 Episode Written Updates full episode

Virender discloses to Purvi that he and children will be more joyful in the event that she goes to the gathering and nobody calls her behenji. Children say they will not converse with her in the event that she doesn’t go. She concurs. She trains Virender to take appropriate consideration and furthermore advises kids not to inconvenience him. She leaves.

Purvi and Sudha show up at the gathering. Gayatri says the two of them are looking incredible. A person proposes a young lady. Purvi asks Sudha what was that? Sudha says that it’s Valentine’s Day today. You give rose and express love. She advises Purvi to call Virender, he will accompany rose. Purvi says that is unthinkable. Gayatri requests that they go for dance. They sit on a side and advise Gayatri to go alone. Sudha is getting parched. She finds out if she might want anything. She says yes for juice. Sudha goes to barkeep and requests juice. Karan


snickers and advises her to take something legitimate. Purvi comes and says they are acceptable with their juice. He says he was simply dealing with the visitors. He leaves and motions the barkeep to blend something in their juice. Purvi and Sudha drink juice. They appreciate the gathering.


Virender can’t rest. He says he got so used to Purvi’s constant talking that he can’t rest. He tunes in to Kishore Da’s melodies.

Purvi gets dazed. Sudha inquires as to whether she’s alright. Purvi says she may be having a cerebral pain because of uproarious music. A few young ladies are taking selfies. Purvi asks Sudha what they are doing. Sudha says they are sulking and taking selfies. That is the most stylish trend. Purvi says she will do likewise. She clicks selfies with Sudha. She says she will send it to Virender. Virender sees and says why she is making monkey face.


He gets another message requesting that he do mope and send her his selife. He says he will pursue her bliss. At that point asks himself what’s going on with he? He puts his telephone on a side.Karan’s companion asks him for what valid reason substance didn’t show impact on Sudha. Karan says she didn’t drink full glass and his retribution is with Purvi. He and his companions leave. Sudha glances around and asks why Purvi didn’t return yet and Karan and his companions are likewise not there. She figures she should accomplish something.

Vaibhav and his companion are looking for Priyu’s dead body in a wilderness. Vaibhav says he should discover it before anybody discovers anything and leave the country.


Purvi is suffocating. Virender comes there and removes her from water. Sudha and Gayatri are likewise with him.

In flashback: Sudha calls and advises Virender that Purvi is missing. They had squeeze and begun getting mixed up. She thinks there was a blended thing in the juice.

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