Molkki 17 April 2021 Written Update

We should look through the haveli. Anjali asks him imagine a scenario in which they don’t discover the keys. For sure in the event that we discover the keys however not the bangles? Virender says I will be compelled to take this make a difference to the Panchayat on the off chance that we don’t discover the keys, bangles and hoodlum by tomorrow.

I disdain hoodlums and burglary. In addition, this is identified with Sakshi and her recollections. I should call Panch at home tomorrow at that point. He leaves. Purvi ponders where the bangles could be.


I should finPanchayat pronounces that Purvi’s discipline is to stroll on coals. Virender upholds their choice. Purvi breaks every one of her binds with Virender.


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