Virender advises Purvi to zero in on examinations and he will rest. She inquires as to whether he can remain for quite a while. She is stressed over Priyu. He says not to stress, he will make her discussion in morning. She says her folks don’t have telephone. However, their neighbor has one. She inquires as to whether he will call them. He says yes. She considers, he watches her.

In morning, Purvi converses with her mom who says Priyu came to there the previous evening as it were. Purvi is mitigated. She says her dad broke her trust as of now and she doesn’t confide in Vaibhav. She requests to offer telephone to Priyu. Her mom says she went to meet her companion. Purvi requests that she advise Priyu to call when she returns. Her mom turns and Purvi’s dad was remaining there with a blade in his grasp. Her mom asks Vaibhav how he managed Priyu? She at that point slams her significant other for

taking cash and making her falsehood. He quiets her down. Vaibhav gives a bag brimming with cash and advises him to ensure that Purvi never discovers that Priyu isn’t there.

Virender advises Purvi to prepare for school now. They are on cycle. She says due to him everybody discovered that she’s mukhyani. How might everybody act with her now? He says everybody will treat her decent. She says she didn’t need that. He stops cycle and asking she would not like to tell everybody that she’s his better half? She embraces him and says nobody can change that. He grins. They arrive at school. He offers lunchbox to her adage she provides for youngsters, however doesn’t take one for herself. She finds out if he cooked.

He says for what reason would he when there are such countless workers? Bhuri made and it was thought distinctly to give lunchbox. She grins. He asks what was the deal? She says he resembles her Tauji, he can’t lie. She goes in the school and sees swarm. She puzzles over whether there is any declaration ready. Everybody is snickering seeing at her. She sees Sudha and few different young ladies crying. She asks what’s wrong? Sudha focuses to the notification board. Purvi is stunned seeing her, Sudha, Gayatri’s photographs in a two-piece. Sudha and Gayatri go to tear the banner, however Purvi stops them.

She says they will get nothing by doing that, those photos are phony and it doesn’t make any difference in the event that others see them. Individual who raised the banner needs to hell them and he will succeed in the event that they cry. She takes a gander at Karan and feels that he did and she will make him eliminate the banner. She takes Sudha and Gayatri to head’s office. Karan runs and removes the banner. Purvi sees and takes a gander at him furiously. She goes to Sudha and Gayatri and says there is no compelling reason to go to head now.

A young lady advises them about fresher’s, just as Valentines party. Purvi says she will take Virender’s authorization and comes in the event that he permits. One young lady educates this to Karan. He chooses to render retribution with Purvi in the party.Purvi sees Vaibhav and gets stunned. She asks when he came. He says he came in evening as it were. She gets some information about Priyu. He says she remained there for few days.

Purvi’s mom needed to go to Haridhwar and Priyu said she will go with her, so he got them tickets. He thinks before Purvi sorts out, he will leave the country. Purvi feels that her mom didn’t say about Haridhwar. She feels something isn’t right and chooses to call her neighbor tomorrow.

Purvi is choosing what to wear. Virender and children accompany a red dress. Virender offers it to her. She says she can’t wear it in the wake of seeing it. Virender and children demand her. Virender says nobody will call her ‘behenji’ presently.

She calculates that Virender discovered that different understudies call her behenji. She actually says no. He says she just said she needs to resemble ordinary understudies and children brought it with such a lot of affection. Children say however it’s Virender’s decision. She grins. Virender feels off-kilter. She says she will wear it just for Manas and Juhi. She goes to prepare.