Scene starts with Purvi attempted to the baffling individual’s face however that individual departures from that point. Purvi ponders who was that and why that individual attempted to slaughter her. Priyu asks Vaibhav that for what good reason he hauled her with him. He says he accepted her as criminal that is the reason. She says she isn’t theif, and she just came out to get water. He says she ought to have educated him since his room is close to her room. She says no need of that since she can accomplish her own work. He says he is simply causing her and inquires as to why she is carrying on like this. She says she just came to meet her sister and on the off chance that she needs anything, at that point she will ask her and leaves from that point. He believes it is difficult to trap her.

Anjali sees Priyu emerging from Vaibhav’s room and chooses to see everything she might do until she remains in this house. Purvi gets confounded reasoning she ought to illuminate about the assault to Virendra or not. She chooses to let him know after parsi on the grounds that presently he is occupied with painting and she would not like to upset him in any capacity. She says simply observing his work of art she can says that Sakshi is so delightful.

Manas plans to apologize to Purvi for Juhi by giving sorry card. Juhi ruins the sorry card accidentally. Manas blows up and says Virendra rebuffed Purvi in view of her and inquires as to why she ruined his sorry card. She says she didn’t purposely did this and it was only a mishap. He will not trust her and says he will reveal to Virendra that she is the person who demolished Sakshi’s painting not Purvi and runs from that point.

She gets apprehensive reasoning Virendra will rebuff her in the event that he becomes acquainted with reality so she needs to prevent Manas from coming clean to Virendra. Prakashi discloses to Anjali that everything should be wonderful in Sakshi’s parsi.Sudha gets some information about Purvi. Prakashi reviews Anjali’s words and deceives Sudha saying   she isn’t in the house. Sudha says if its all the same to Prakashi then she might want to help her in arrangements.

Virendra was dozing and Purvi pours water on him to wake him. He shouts at her and inquires as to why she did this. She says he was dozing and she needed him to finish the artwork on time that is the reason and causes him to clean his face. He says he was not resting. Mom who saw everything prods Virendra. Sudha sees Purvi, Virendra in house and says she definitely realizes that Prakashi was lying. Juhi reveals to Purvi that Manas going to come clean to Virendra and requests that her assistance her.

Manas discloses to Virendra that he ought not rebuff Purvi. Before he finishes his sentence Purvi stops him and takes him with her. She causes him to comprehend that why he ought not come clean to Virendra. Juhi thinks Purvi saved her again and discloses to Manas that she will assist him with making sorry card. Virendra advises Purvi to sit alongside him and requests what kind from spouse she needed. She answers saying she needed a spouse like him who loves Sakshi this much.