Episode starts with Aarav messages Nanthini and asks her to fulfill him. She is going to him and hugs him. He wipes her tears and consoles her. Virendra wonders that wherein Nanthini went and is going to go looking her. Aarav is set to kiss Nanthini and Purvi notices their shadow and is going there and pushes Aarav. Nanthini scolds her for pushing Aarav. Purvi tells her that Virendra coming there so she driven Aarav to shop her from Virendra. Nanthini tells her that she don’t want her assist and the latter is only a Molkki so she have to now no longer try and emerge as her mom and asks her to live farfar from her and he or she don’t care that what the latter and Virendra thinks approximately Aarav and he or she will meet him due to the fact she loves him.

She asks Aarav that if he’s fine. Virendra comes there and warns Aarav to go away from there. Nanthini attempts to mention some thing however he didn’t permit her say something and drags her from there. Nanthini asks him to go away her hand however he ignores her and Purvi follows them. Everyone reaches the mansion. Virendra pushes Nanthini in her room and warns her to now no longer try and meet Aarav once more and tells her that he isn’t always announcing this due to the fact Chaudhary charan is his rival however she can’t even believe that what form of reasonably-priced humans they’re.

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Purvi asks him to now no longer yell announcing that they could speak evenly too. He asks her to now no longer talk and he didn’t assume that she can be able to aid Nanthini on this matter. Nanthini asks them to now no longer act like they’re her dad and mom and he or she isn’t always terrified of Virendra and he or she won’t go away Aarav regardless of what and leaves from there. Prakashi asks Virendra to now no longer get indignant this lots and Nanthini is likewise like him so she won’t concentrate him. He tells her that he’s father of Nanthini and he or she want to concentrate him and leaves from there.

Next day, Purvi sends workforce to present breakfast to Virendra and Nanthini. They refuses to have breakfast. Purvi and Kids witnesses that. Manas asks Purvi that now what is going to happen. Purvi tells Kids that she has plan and explains the plan to them. Manas is going to Virendra with breakfast and asks him to have breakfast announcing that he won’t devour something till the latter eats. Virendra concurs to devour and that they feeds every different. Purvi smiles seeing them.

Nanthini informs Aarav that Virendra won’t are available among them. Juhi brings breakfast and tells her that she won’t devour something till the latter eats and that they feeds every different. Purvi smiles seeing that. Later, Purvi tells Nanthini that she can be able to assist her. Nanthini asks her that why might she take delivery of the latter’s assist and insults her. Priyashi overhears their communique. Read More……