Molkki 15 April 2021 Written Update

Virender wears his kurta yet sees the messed up button. He considers asking Purvi however then chooses to wear another kurta. He is astonished to see that the top catch of all kurtas is absent. How might this be? Purvi offers to fasten the catch. He asks her for what valid reason she cut them in any case. Purvi fakes honesty however he advises her to tell the truth and draws nearer. She rehashes that she hasn’t done anything. He shows her the catches. She acts shocked. You discovered them! He winds her hand when she attempts to take the catches from him. Reveal to me why you did it. She consents to confess all. If it’s not too much trouble, let go of my hand.

He goes along. Reveal to me now. She says I returned home after such countless days. I dint need you to go anyplace. Maybe, I needed yoi to invest some energy with me. She revises herself. she would not like to invest some energy with him. Disregard the children. Mention to me what you need. Do you need Mukhi to be attached to your pallu and sit with you constantly? Join the catch rapidly now. I need to go for a significant work. They continue to take a gander at one another as she join the catch once more. Prakashi shouts to Virender as she strolls in. I heard that you are going to Delhi? He gestures and goes to Purvi. This is the thing that I was attempting to advise you. I will be back before sun-down. I will abandon the keys prior to leaving. Prakashi broadens her hand however Virender gives the keys to Purvi. I’m offering them to you this time. It has keys of each room including the safe.


Keep it securely with you. Take great consideration of home and Ma. Prakashi grins when they look toward her. Virender contacts her feet. She advises him to fare thee well. Virender requests that Purvi apply teeka. They head first floor. Prakashi exhaust. Purvi brings nourishment for Sakshi. Sakshi attempts to go out to inhale some outside air yet Purvi advises her against it. Sakshi says I would prefer not to remain bolted here. I feel choked. The keys tumble from Purvi’s midriff in that light fight. Purvi doesn’t understand it however. She demands Sakshi to remain inside. The individuals who wish to murder you are in this house as it were. Kindly don’t head outside. I will take you outside when it will be protected to do as such.


Sakshi surrenders. Purvi makes her rest her head in her lap and sings the bedtime song. The two of them are contemplating Juhi and Manas. Purvi wipes her tears toward the end. Sakshi has shut her eyes. Purvi leaves quietly.Sakshi awakens with a beginning as a result of a fantasy. She sees the keys, gets them and figures out how to open the lock. She heads outside. She contacts not many things with precarious hands and considers Juhi. She travels toward a path. Prakashi and Anjali come higher up all of a sudden. Prakashi is advising Anjali to give every one of the men something to do. We should discover Sakshi before another person discovers her.

Virender will slaughter us if that occurs! They don’t see Sakshi in the hallway and neither does Purvi as she has covered her eyes with her hands while the children stow away. Purvi gets out of the space to search for them and Sakshi goes to a room. Past recollections continue to streak in her mind. Manas gets Purvi before she can get him and advises her to discover him again.Sakshi stops before her room. Bhuri is close by yet Preeti comes to show her a rundown. Did you hear how Mukhiya ji saved everybody? He has gone out again today. Expectation he will be fine. Sakshi opens the lock. Bhuri discloses to Preeti not to stress over Virender. He will return home before dinnertime. Sakshi shuts the entryway when she enters inside so Bhuri doesn’t see anything.


Sakshi discovers her bangles and mangalsutra in the room. She takes a gander at them inwardly. Purvi reveals to Prakashi she isn’t lying. I don’t have the foggiest idea who opened the lock of the room and where the bangles have vanished. Virender asks them what occurred. Anjali says it is acceptable that you are home. He requests that she say what occurred. Prakashi shares that Sakshi’s bangles are absent. She goes to Purvi. The keys were with you today. Who can open the lock and take the bangles at that point?

Purvi says you are correct. The keys are with me as it were. She doesn’t discover them when she searches for the keys however which confuses her. Anjali asks her how this could be. You recently said that they were with you. Virender inquires as to whether she truly doesn’t have the keys. Purvi demands him to confide in her. They were with me as it were. Prakashi says she may have kept them some place and has overlooked it. Criminal has created utilization of the open door.


Anjali says somebody would have seen the hoodlum had somebody come in. I figure it should be Mukhiyayin. She has taken them herself. Virender immovably advises her to mind her tongue. Anjali goes to Prakashi. Nothing has been taken in this house ever. How might it happen today? You and I have been dealing with the keys in Virender’s nonattendance. There was a burglary on the day he offered them to Purvi. Am I lying? You can reprimand or slap me on the off chance that you need. She goes to Virender.

You have never allowed any cheat to move away till date. I say that you should take this make a difference to Panchayat and rebuff this crook (Purvi). Will you take this make a difference to Panchayat and rebuff Mukhiyayin? Purvi and Virender take a gander at one another. She advises him to confide in her. I haven’t taken them. Virender says Bawari is saying that she hasn’t done it so we should confide in her. The keys may have fallen some place.


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