She requested Virender and he complied. He placed Molkki’s picturegraph right here instead. They have harm Sakshi a lot. Sakshi became crying badly that day. I couldn’t endure to look it. She asks Anjali if she recollects that day. Anjali nods. Please don’t ring a bell in me of that day. I can’t endure to consider it either. She exaggerates and chefs a story. Nandini says it’s time to take revenge from this Molkki. She pays for everything. Just wait and watch what we can see to her now. Prakashi smiles.

Purvi is kneading dough. Virender asks her what she is making. Purvi says you informed me that Vir and Nandini love halwa puri so I am making it for them. Virender gives to assist her as well. I can do that tons to pacify my irritated children.

She smiles. They prepare dinner dinner collectively. Purvi tells Virender that the perfume of this halwa is telling her that it’s far amazing. This will really deliver sweetness for your relation together along with your children. He hopes it come true. She assures him approximately it. I will make puri’s now.