Molkki 14 April 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Purvi says to Virendra that she got apprehensive seeing his rival yet he battled truly well. Virendra grins hearing her and says to Driver to drive gradually. Driver gets panick when he understands that vehicle’s brake isn’t working and advises about it to Virendra. Virendra asks him that how might it occur. Purvi requests that Virendra hold the vehicle and she holds the Kids. Children gets apprehensive and requests that what’s going happen now. Purvi reassures them saying nothing will occur. Virendra takes Driver seat.

Then again, Sudha and Priyu carries Sakshi to the royal residence. Anjali requests that Jyoti lock her in the cell before anybody see her. Sudha sees Anjali, Jyoti and conceals Sakshi from them. Sudha takes Sakshi to the store room and advises her to not dread saying soon Purvi will come. Virendra advises them to wear safety belt and hold the vehicle firmly. Purvi requests that he drive the vehicle cautiously. He says to her that he needs to slam into the tree to stop the vehicle and he don’t have some other decision. He slams into the tree and the Kids begins crying.


In castle, Anjali says to Jyoti that till now mishap would have occurred and requests that she get ready for Virendra, Purvi and the Kids last customs. She stuns hearing Manas’ voice and thinks about how they returned alive. She advises Jyoti to leave the cell before anybody see her. Jyoti was going to bolt the entryway however Purvi holds her hand. Anjali and Jyoti stuns seeing her. Jyoti says to Purvi that she just came to offer water to Anjali that is it. Purvi requests that Anjali emerge from the cell. Anjali says to her that she didn’t do anything.


Purvi illuminates them about the fender bender and says to them that life is flighty so they ought not waste their life by abhorring each other that is the reason they chose to deliver her. Anjali gets upbeat and says to Purvi that she will apologize to the Kids and leaves from that point. Jyoti follows her. Purvi signals Priyu. Sudha and Priyu brings Sakshi there. Purvi says to them that this is the most secure spot for Sakshi and advises Sakshi to take rest saying she will return again to meet her.

Afterward, Purvi because of God for saving their life. She puts “kala tikka” on kids. Manas says to her that Virendra saved them so she should put “kala tikka” on him as well. Virendra says to them that they needs to put “kala tikka” on Purvi as well. Juhi says to Virendra that they need to lay down with them today and requests that Purvi say story.


Prakashi figures Virendra will not leave her on the off chance that he found that how all she managed Sakshi in these 5 years. Purvi goes to offer food to Sakshi. Prakashi requests that Anjali bring water for her. Purvi takes cover behind the column seeing them. Sakshi reviews her past and starts singing cradlesong. Purvi grins hearing her and apologize to her for arriving behind schedule at that point takes care of her. She adulates her tune and requests that she educate. Following day, Purvi wish to invest energy with Virendra and eliminates the catches from his shirts.


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