Sudha says she needs to arrive at NGO on schedule and leaves from that point. Purvi thumps the entryway and stuns seeing Bhuri there. Bhuri requests that she not follow her like this and advises her to leave from that point. Purvi sees one old woman and asks who is she.

Bhuri says she is her mom. Purvi mentions to her what cabbie advised her. Bhuri says cabbie would have deceived her. Purvi leaves from that point and Bhuri sees one woman under the table.Purvi was advising to kids that how Virendra won the test. Virendra hears that. She gives one dress to him saying he should wear this for party.

Prakashi discovers that Purvi went to Bhuri’s home. Karan illuminates Anjali that he is prepared for their arrangement. Anjali reveals to Prakashi that shoot going to occur in Purvi’s life. Read More….