Molkki 13 April 2021 Written Update

Purvi gets some information about Sakshi. She shares that that lady was meandering close to the towns without anyone else. Townspeople brought her here and she remains at a close by house. She focuses Purvi around there. Individuals at the reasonable notification Manas swinging from the truck and race to his side.

Juhi demands Manas to clutch the truck. Haathi! Baba! Anjali discloses to Jyoti it is their chance to appreciate some golgappa’s. We will see this child falling now!Purvi thumps at the entryway of that house. She heads inside when nobody answers except for the house is unfilled. I tracked down her after such countless days and she has vanished once more. Kindly assistance me discover her once more, Kanha ji. She meets Sudha on out and informs her concerning Sakshi. Sudha says she is with me. They see Priyu bringing Sakshi. Purvi asks Sudha how they discovered her. Sudha says we tracked down her quite recently. Purvi says thanks to Kanha ji.Purvi reveals to Sudha they should take her from here. Her life is in harm’s way. She can’t be seen by anybody. Sudha asks her where she could be protected.


Purvi says our haveli is protected. I would have secured her in the cell yet Bhabhi is there. We can give her visit access the store space for the time being. Nobody comes there. Sudha consents to carry her to haveli some way or another. Purvi sees the townspeople running and ponders where they are going. She sees Manas hanging by the truck and is paralyzed. Manas is yelling for help. Purvi advises him to clutch it. Juhi and Manas demand haathi to accomplish something. Virender comes to there all of a sudden. He is similarly stunned to see Manas. Manas’ hand becomes sweat-soaked and he begins falling. Virender holds him without a moment to spare. Everybody applauds. Anjali tosses the golgappas indignantly and leaves.Panch advises Virender to begin the wrestling title like each and every other year.


Who can be an extraordinary grappler than you? Purvi demands him not to do it. He says it is about age and strength. Powerless individuals like your Tau can’t play it. She enlightens him to talk regarding her Tau ji later. Wrestling suits individuals up to a particular age in particular. My Tau ji did likewise one day and he broke his bones. They haven’t joined at this point. He advises her to acquire her Tau front of him. I can deal with 15 individuals without any problem. He reports that he will begin the wrestling title like each year.

Jyoti reveals to Anjali she wont play in her group from now into the foreseeable future. They have crushed you once more. You should surrender! You wont have the option to do it. She ducks when Anjali attempts to hit her. Anjali gets another thought. One ought not surrender till the time you have even one bolt. I will show an incredible exercise to Jeth ji and Molkki. They won’t be left for acceptable. Jyoti asks her opinion. Children cheer for Virender during the battle. Anjali cuts a wire of Virender’s vehicle. Virender dominates the game. Purvi looks eased and the children cheer for Babbar Sher. Virender takes a gander at his family. Jyoti discloses to her sister to pick up the pace. We will be in a difficult situation on the off chance that somebody sees us. Anjali says we should arrive at home before others. Jyoti says there is no compelling reason to stress now. They will go up as you have cut their brakes. Anjali smiles. Virender gives the prize to Purvi. You can offer it to your Tau.


He is old so this will compensate for his wrecked bones. Purvi acknowledges it happily. Virender goes to change. Purvi thinks you have crushed my Tau ji. You could overcome a major grappler even at this age!


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